SIMON COWELL: BRITNEY SPEARS Almost Quit “The X Factor” On First Day (VIDEO)

7 Sep

SIMON COWELL recently admitted to Hollywood news that BRITNEY SPEARS almost quit “The X Factor” on her very first day as a judge on the show!

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As it turns out, we weren’t totally wrong when we thought Britney would eventually think of backing out from “The X Factor” in spite of being the highest paid judge on the show.

In a phone interview with TMZ, the show’s honcho Simon Cowell revealed that the engaged pop star actually thought of quitting her judging duties when she stormed off the set on her first day, which the media downplayed as a mere bathroom break.

Cowell told the site:

“No one is going to admit that on the first day your highest paid star after 20 minutes has walked off set.”

He explained:

“[Britney] had a moment on the first day where she said to me ‘I’m not sure I can do this.’”

Fortunately, he was able to talk her into staying. Let’s just say that it’s going to take a lot to drag Britney away from her precious chair now.

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