Shirtless HARRY STYLES Shows Off His Latest Ink (PHOTO)

30 Sep

A shirtless HARRY STYLES showed off his latest ink, as seen in a new fan photo that’s been circulating celebrity gossip websites.

Check it out:

harry styles tattoos

Harry Styles seems to be eager to set himself apart from his band mates… by adorning his toned bod with another set of kick ass tattoos!

The One Direction heartthrob, who has become pretty infamous for dating older women before reportedly seeing model Cara DeLevigne (and not his male band mates), recently added some new ink on the left side of his torso-comedy and drama masks, a birdcage and the letters “SMCL,” which stands for “Smile More, Cry Less.”

It comes after his other tats of his sister Gemma‘s name in Hebrew, an “A” for his mother Anne, a tiny padlock done by “Lego House” musician Ed Sheeran, an iced gem, a black star and the words “Won’t stop ’till we surrender.”

Perhaps he’d like to be perceived as a bad boy other than a cougar chaser…

What do you think of Harry Styles‘ new ink?

Photo Via One Direction Twitter Fansite

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