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Forever 21 Responds To Labor Department!

31 Oct

Let the legal dramz begin!

Forever 21 is firing back at the U.S. Department of Labor‘s claims of working with vendors who may not be following labor laws!

A rep for Forever 21 issued a statement on Friday saying:

“[The company] shares the Department of Labor’s commitment to proper wage payment under the Fair Labor Standards Act. To that end, Forever 21 promptly responded to the department’s subpoena with information that resulted in a full resolution of the matter under investigation. Forever 21 also offered to meet with the department and is surprised and disappointed that the department declined to meet before filing this action but looks forward to working with them to address any issues.”

So what’s next?

If both parties are unable to come to an agreement, they’ll be seeing each other in court.

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OCTOMOM Checks Into Rehab For Prescription Drug Problem

31 Oct

OCTOMOM has recently checked into rehab for a prescription drug problem and will be admitted for about a month.

That’s a long time to be without her 14 children!

GWI 000085

Just when you thought she was doing well enough to keep herself off Hollywood newsNadya “Octomon” Suleman has voluntarily gone to rehab for a prescription drug problem and left her brood at her new California home with 3 nannies, 2 friends and 1 driver to take care of them.

The single mom’s rep says went to the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Southern California over the weekend after admitting that she has become dependent on the anti-anxiety drug, Xanax, which she has been taking to “deal with stress.”

The rep also told TMZ:

Nadya wanted to get off the Xanax she was prescribed by her doctor and learn to deal with her stress, exhaustion and anxiety with professional help with a team of doctors. Nadya wanted to deal with her issues and make sure she is the best mother she can be.”

As for the payment for the month-long treatment, the Chapman has offered to pick up the tab even though Octo can afford to pay for it herself with her porn money.

Until next month then, Nadya!

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Miley Cyrus’ Favorite Diet Linked To Weight Gain: 10 Celebrities Who Have Gone Gluten Free (GALLERY)

30 Oct

Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow beware, your diet could cause you to pile on the pounds.

The increasingly popular gluten-free diet is followed by a whole host of pin thin celebrities but new research shows it could cause more harm than good when it comes to whittling down their waistlines.

While going wheat free is necessary for those suffering from Celiac disease – a serious gluten intolerance – it’s A-list following which also includes Lady Gaga and Zooey Deschanel has caused it to become a fad fat fighter too, but in reality it could be doing just the opposite.

“A gluten free diet is designed for those with the medical diagnosis of gluten sensitivities and reactions. It was not designed to be a weight loss program,” celebrity nutritionalist and registered dietician Lisa DeFazio told Celebuzz. “Do not just follow the diet because Miley and Victoria are doing it!”

Miley, 19, is just one star who has gushed about the wonders of a wheat-less diet after claiming she had a “gluten and lactose allergy”.

“Everyone should try no gluten for a week,” she posted on her Twitter page. “The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing.”

Miley shows off her figure in a revealing outfit

8 Photos But DeFazio says people should not just jump on the gluten-free bandwagon for the sake of it, especially since it can cause weight gain.

“Gluten free foods may have other ingredients such as fat that you do not need,” said DeFazio. “It is a strict diet and if you are not gluten sensitive or have Celiac, you are putting yourself through unnecessary restrictions.

“Unfortunately in Hollywood, celebs announce their diet plan and everyone wants to do it, but these celebrities are not medical experts so do not follow their lead without seeing the REAL qualified experts to see if you really need to restrict your diet!”

Click on the Celebuzz gallery to see which celebrities have tried going gluten-free whether by choice or because of dietary requirements.

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Community Season 4: 10 Reasons You Must Watch

30 Oct

I wouldn’t go so far as to label NBC’s Community an undiscovered gem. Plenty have had the fortune of discovering it, though its fledgling ratings and lack of mainstream awards success may suggest otherwise.

Critically, it’s adored and so it should be. Focusing on a dysfunctional yet lovable group of misfits who shouldn’t be allowed in the same room as each other let alone be friends, the show follows their lives and their experiences at Greendale Community College, expanding from a small remedial Spanish class into something larger and so, so beautiful.

Its humour has something for everybody; each character represents something supremely different and its wonderful knack of alienating no one and everyone at the same time is a testament to the illogical absurdity that characterises Community…and it’s one of the greatest comedies on TV nowadays.

As Season 4 looms large, the show is in a massive transition; following the unceremonious (yes, I’m slightly pissed still) sacking departure of creator Dan Harmon, the show has been downgraded to a 13-stint-episode run, usually a foreboding factor signalling the show may be on its final legs (note: since I wrote this, they’ve announced that they have no idea when they’ll air Community and decided to replace cancelled Animal Practice with…Whitney…which has an audience apparently).

It should be noted that I won’t be picking out any main characters as they’re all uniquely wonderful and each represent a reason to watch the show anyway. Please take my choices with an open mind and all complaints can be forwarded to my fictitious secretary.


Cool, cool, cool.

Also, these are not in any specific order…

Top 10 Nicknames in MMA

30 Oct

A nickname is a substitute name that is a proper replacement for someone’s true name. In order to gain a nickname you have to do something or be something that is greater then your real name. Usually a nickname has to make sense in order for it to work. Nicknames have been around for a very long time. You see nicknames associate with any sport or a form of sports entertainment. In my opinion, Boxing has some of the best nicknames in sports. “Pacman”, “Pretty Boy Floyd”, “Golden Boy”, “Sugar”, and “Smokin Joe” are the best nicknames you will hear ever.

Sometimes a nickname is appropriate at first, but then overtime it could prove to be inappropriate. An example can be made with current UFC fighter Brandon “The Truth” Vera. I don’t want to downplay his abilities, but he didn’t live up to what his nickname promised he could be. A lot of times nicknames are overused and cliched. For every unique nickname you get “Pitbull”, “Hitman”, or “Assassin”. It seems like a lot of fighters who step off the assembly line is given a generic nickname like the ones listed.

But who has the best nickname in MMA? Click the next page and let’s get started.

The Incredible Jessica Alba Halloween Success

30 Oct

Jessica Alba Halloween costume idea was considered incredible, as she managed to ensure that her family was included in her unique choice of costume. When you are a close family, there are several Halloween costume ideas, which will ensure that everyone is involved. Matching Halloween costumes can look brilliant at every party, and Jessica Alba managed to ensure that her family turned heads.

When choosing family costumes, there are so many elements that can go wrong, and choosing costumes, which everyone likes is a huge challenge. However, once you can get the children involved it will make life far easier. Jessica Alba discussed with her four year old what she would be comfortable wearing, and the idea for the costumes was born.

The sexy movie star decided that her family would literally be the Incredibles, and all wore matching Halloween costumes. Their youngest daughter remained at home; however, she did have her own Incredibles costume as she was seen during the week. Typically the children didn’t want to wait for the party, and insisted on wearing their costumes early.

jessica alba the incredible

Their four year old did attend the party and wore a cute Incredibles costume, ensuring that the theme continued through the family. Jessica wore a stunning black wig to compliment her costume, which made her look incredibly like the character from the movie. Jesscia’s husband decided on a more masculine costume, and decided to include the full padding for his costume of the dad from the movie.

All three looked amazing and created the perfect family Jessica Alba Halloween costume choice. They ensured that the costumes were comfortable and not too revealing for the family party they were attending. Jessica managed to create the perfect Halloween outfit choice, and everyone had a fantastic time at the party, with friends and other celebrities.

Photo credit : Jessica Alba/Twitter

TOM CRUISE’s Drunk Neighbor Tased And Arrested For Intruding Actor’s Beverly Hills Home

30 Oct

TOM CRUISE‘s neighbor was tased and arrested for intruding the actor’s Beverly Hills home, Hollywood news has learned.


SPX 050737

Source reveal a drunken homeowner from Tom Cruise‘s neighborhood in Beverly Hills tried to get inside the highest paid actor in Hollywood’s lavish mansion on Sunday night and he didn’t leave the place without getting caught… or hurt.

Cops told TMZ that a middle-aged man named Jason Sullivan was trying to scale a fence at the divorced actor’s home at around 9pm and was “accidentally” tased by a security guard. Sullivan tried to run away from the scene but was arrested for trespassing.

tom cruise intruder

The site also reported:

“The Taser jolt messed up Sullivan badly enough that paramedics had to take him to a hospital for treatment. Cops say 41-year-old Sullivan actually lives in a home “adjacent” to Tom‘s … and, due to “intoxication,” may have gotten confused and entered the wrong property.”

Tom Cruise was not home during the time of the incident. As for the poor guy who got tased and arrested, he’s ordered to appear in court next month for trespassing.

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