TOM CRUISE’s Drunk Neighbor Tased And Arrested For Intruding Actor’s Beverly Hills Home

30 Oct

TOM CRUISE‘s neighbor was tased and arrested for intruding the actor’s Beverly Hills home, Hollywood news has learned.


SPX 050737

Source reveal a drunken homeowner from Tom Cruise‘s neighborhood in Beverly Hills tried to get inside the highest paid actor in Hollywood’s lavish mansion on Sunday night and he didn’t leave the place without getting caught… or hurt.

Cops told TMZ that a middle-aged man named Jason Sullivan was trying to scale a fence at the divorced actor’s home at around 9pm and was “accidentally” tased by a security guard. Sullivan tried to run away from the scene but was arrested for trespassing.

tom cruise intruder

The site also reported:

“The Taser jolt messed up Sullivan badly enough that paramedics had to take him to a hospital for treatment. Cops say 41-year-old Sullivan actually lives in a home “adjacent” to Tom‘s … and, due to “intoxication,” may have gotten confused and entered the wrong property.”

Tom Cruise was not home during the time of the incident. As for the poor guy who got tased and arrested, he’s ordered to appear in court next month for trespassing.

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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