Top 10 Nicknames in MMA

30 Oct

A nickname is a substitute name that is a proper replacement for someone’s true name. In order to gain a nickname you have to do something or be something that is greater then your real name. Usually a nickname has to make sense in order for it to work. Nicknames have been around for a very long time. You see nicknames associate with any sport or a form of sports entertainment. In my opinion, Boxing has some of the best nicknames in sports. “Pacman”, “Pretty Boy Floyd”, “Golden Boy”, “Sugar”, and “Smokin Joe” are the best nicknames you will hear ever.

Sometimes a nickname is appropriate at first, but then overtime it could prove to be inappropriate. An example can be made with current UFC fighter Brandon “The Truth” Vera. I don’t want to downplay his abilities, but he didn’t live up to what his nickname promised he could be. A lot of times nicknames are overused and cliched. For every unique nickname you get “Pitbull”, “Hitman”, or “Assassin”. It seems like a lot of fighters who step off the assembly line is given a generic nickname like the ones listed.

But who has the best nickname in MMA? Click the next page and let’s get started.

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