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BRITNEY SPEARS And WILL.I.AM Release Music Video For “Scream And Shout” (VIDEO)

30 Nov

BRITNEY SPEARS and WILL.I.AM have released a music video for their collaborative new track, “Scream and Shout.”

britney william scream and shout music video.jpg

Britney Spears and Will.I.Am work on the side as fairly new judges and celebrity voice mentors on the competing reality competition shows, “The X Factor” and “The Voice” UK, but they are definitely far from being enemies.

In fact, the veteran pop star and the “Black Eyed Peas” singer collaborated on an upbeat new song called “Scream and Shout”–and they have just released a cool music video for it, which debuted on “The X Factor” on Wednesday.

Spears said about working with Will.I.Am (real name: William James Adams):

“[He’s] like a big kid to work with. He’s so much fun.”


See what she meant in their music video below:

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SARAH JESSICA PARKER Doesn’t Think She’s A Fashion Icon And Other Celebrity News

30 Nov

JTM 051474

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  • Anna Nicole‘s daughter models for Guess – yeeeah!
  • Selena Gomez and Katy Perry stun at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball – wambie
  • Jared Leto hasn’t eaten in a month – COLLEGE CANDY
  • Charlie Sheen weighs in on Angus Jones‘ “Two and a Half Men” rant – BITTEN & BOUND
  • Anne Vyalitsyna does a little beach vacationing –
  • Beyonce Knowles and 7 reasons to love her – all women stalk
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  • Shakira shows off baby bump on Instagram and Twitter –
  • Brad Pitt: My wedding will be soon – Farandulista

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KIM KARDASHIAN Is The “Most Searched Person Of 2012″

29 Nov

KIM KARDASHIAN is the “Most Searched Person of 2012,” according to the Microsoft web search engine Bing.

Are you surprised?

MSA 0025061

Kim Kardashian has just topped another list this year… but it’s not the list of the “Most Ill-Mannered Person” and her humongous high-ranking boobs and her notably large derriere don’t have anything to do with it.

On second thought, they probably do.

The list is Bing’s “Most Searched Person” list for 2012, which the reality star had previously topped in 2010 and lost to Justin Bieber last year.

Meanwhile, the Biebs falls back to the #2 spot, with Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan following closely.

They were probably searching about Kim‘s, um, love life.

What do you think of Kim being the most searched person on Bing?

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Celebrity Fashion: ANNA KENDRICK Looks Sweet And Pretty In A Simple Pink Dress

29 Nov

ANNA KENDRICK looked sweet and pretty in a simple pink dress at the W Hollywood Hotel in California for the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards press conference.

AES 081986

The actress usually goes for elegant nude dresses or sparkly, eye-catching frocks, but this time she chose a simple Halston Heritage dress in a light pink color, which featured a plunging scoop neckline and a pleated A-line skirt.

Piaget jewels and a pair of metallic pewter Sergio Rossi slingback pumps completed Anna‘s outfit.

AES 081979

Half-up, half-down waves, glossy lips, and a subtle pink flush provided the finishing touches.

AES 081977

Do you like this look or is it too boring for you?

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Nicki Minaj Is Blaming Wallmart For Low Sales Of Re-Up Album

28 Nov

Nicki Minaj blaming Walmart for low sales seems extreme; however, the young star is convinced that the American retailer refusing to stock her latest disc has had a massive impact. The latest album from this popular singer appears to be struggling, which may be caused by the lack of sales. The new album The Re-up, has been launched but is unavailable in one of the largest retailers in the US.

The LP, which is part of a special edition box set, alongside Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday, has not sold as predicted. Nicki had assumed that the album would fly off the shelves, but unfortunately, this was not the case. There have been many rumors surrounding the lack of sales; however, Nicki is adamant that the reason is due to the fact that Walmart and target are refusing to sell the album.

nicki minaj re-up album

Power 105.1 conducted an interview with the singer, and asked Nicki why she thought her album was not appealing to people. This was when the star confirmed that the stores had lost faith in her albums, following the lack of sales from the last re-releases. The larger stores do not want to take the chance, and attempt to sell her album.

In the past Target has been Nicki’s biggest retailer, which is why the decision is a shock as they have in fact sold the most albums. If Nicki is disappointed, she is not showing this to her fans and continues to promote her music. The singer is happy to do what she loves, and put her music out to the fans.

The headlines of Nicki Minaj blaming Walmart for low sales help to sell magazines, and papers, but there is no bad feeling between the singer and the stores. The timing for the new album may seem strange, but Nicki felt it was the best time to release Re-up.

Ashley Simpsons and Vincent Piazza’s rather Unconventional Split.

28 Nov

One and a half years down the line, Ashley Simpsons and Vincent Piazza have decided to call it quits. The couple did not have a typical Hollywood style break- up. Most break-ups in Hollywood are usually as dramatic as the movies produced there. However, for Ashley and Vincent, it was a rather simple and low key affair. This is rather unconventional for relationships involving Hollywood stars

Perhaps this would be attributed to the reason for their break up. According to the celebrity gossip magazine ‘US Weekly’ time constraints made the two opt to get back into the singles club. This probably comes as a shock to many since the two were spotted looking very happy together on the red carpet not so long ago.

Apparently, Piazza, who is an actor, has been a workaholic in the recent past and has not been able to create ample time to spend with Ashley and his step-son Bronx. He has gone on record in the past saying how he and Ashley value the simple things they do when they are together. Perhaps not being able to do the simple things together became too much to bear, hence the decision to split.

ashley simpson vincent piazza

Ashley has not been particularly lucky with love. Before her relationship with Vincent, she was married to Pete Wentz, the biological father of her son Bronx who is now four years old.

The two have maintained that the decision to go separate ways was mutual. They have also gone further to assert that there is no bad blood between them despite the break-up. This is definitely a unique break- up away from the norm. Most Hollywood break-ups are characterized by major scandals involving one, sometimes even both partners in the relationship.

Will the two get back together any time soon? Well, only time will tell.

LADY GAGA: LINDSAY LOHAN Did A “Beautiful Job” In “Liz & Dick”

28 Nov

LADY GAGA recently praised LINDSAY LOHAN and said that she did a “beautiful job” as ELIZABETH TAYLOR in the new TV biopic, “Liz & Dick.”


ALO 098174

Lindsay Lohan got a few spectacularly bad reviews about her portrayal of the screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in the newly-premiered Lifetime biopic, “Liz & Dick,” despite the 26-year-old actress’ claims that she was made ready for it.

But now, one of the actress’ BFFs, Lady Gaga, is slamming her critics by revealing what she thought of her performance.

The famed pop star wrote on her Twitter on Monday:

“@lindsaylohan you did a beautiful job on ‘Liz & Dick.'”

Gaga, who has her own fare share of ruthless critics, continued:

“Let no one bring u down, Liz didnt, they always try to knock the greats down a few pegs.”

Lindsay soon responded:

“@ladygaga thank you so much! You are such an incredible force and that means the world to me 🙂 love & hugs xo hope to see you soon bella.”

What do you think of Gaga‘s hopefully unbiased comment?

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JUSTIN BIEBER Beaten Up On “Family Guy” (VIDEO)

28 Nov

JUSTIN BIEBER was beaten up on the latest episode of “Family Guy,” according to entertainment news.


justin bieber family guy

Justin Biebers‘s concert audience may have been a little light on him when they booed him at the recent football halftime show in Canada recently, but “Family Guy” and its lead character Peter Griffin wasn’t, as seen in the latest episode of the animated TV series.

In the episode, we see the animated Bieber-who bore his likeness, with his trademark hair (brunette this time) and black and purple outfit (his favorite color)-being beaten after Griffin thought he was about to get with his wife, Lois.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

What can you say about Justin‘s appearance on “Family Guy”?
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ANNE HATHAWAY On Her “Les Miserables” Boy Cut: “I Looked Like My Gay Brother!”

27 Nov

ANNE HATHAWAY spoke about what she thought of her boy cut for “Les Miserables” to star news, and said that she looked like her gay brother.

LMK 072559 1

The promotion for the highly-anticipated Christmas premiere of the Broadway musical film, “Les Miserables,” is in full motion and its lead actress, Anne Hathaway, still can’t get over her transformation for her role as the terminally ill prostitute, Fantine.

While going on an extreme weight loss diet was the hardest, the married actress admitted that her interesting pixie cut-which she intends to keep, by the way-was the most shocking of all

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she recalled to her audience during a screening of the film in New York last Friday that it made her realize that she resembled her older brother, Michael:

“When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother.”

We’re sure that’s a good thing!

What can you say about Anne‘s hilarious revelation?

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DEMI LOVATO Showcases New Tattoo From KAT VON D (PHOTOS)

27 Nov

DEMI LOVATO has showcased her new tattoo from KAT VON D, star news has learned.

Do you like it?

demi lovato birds tattoo

To add to her dozen tattoos, Demi Lovato has added yet another one… courtesy of none other than DJ Deadmau5‘s tattoo artist girlfriend, Kat Von D.

Demi showed her Twitter fans her newest ink-a flock of birds along her right arm between her elbow and wrist on Monday.

demi lovato birds tattoo2

The new “X Factor” judge tweeted after the tattoo session:

“Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink!! I think it’s beautiful and I love it!!”

What can you say about Demi‘s new body art?

Photos Via Demi Lovato‘s Twitter

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