GABRIEL AUBRY Emerges With Bruised Face After Showdown With HALLE BERRY’s Fiance OLIVIER MARTINEZ

25 Nov

GABRIEL AUBRY has emerged with a nasty, swollen bruise on his face a day after his showdown with HALLE BERRY‘s fiance, OLIVIER MARTINEZ.


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As previously reported, Gabriel Aubry instigated a fight with his ex Halle Berry‘s French actor fiance, Olivier Martinez, after reportedly being ticked off by Martinez at the actress’ home on Thanksgiving day.

Sources suggest that Martinez only wanted to bury the hatchet between them all, especially after the brutal custody battle between Aubry and Berry over their daughter, Nahla, but Aubry only wanted to beat Martinez to a pulp.

Evidently, that didn’t work as well as he’d hoped because he sustained the most injuries-a broken rib, several bruises and a huge swollen contusion under his left eye-while Olivier was left with a swollen hand and neck.

Gabriel, who was arrested for battery after the melee, showed off his smashed face to photographers on Friday in Los Angeles-where he was 100 yards away from Olivier, Halle and his daughter Nahla, as he should according to an emergency protective order granted against him.

See photos of Gabriel‘s messed up face here.

Photos By PR Photos

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