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31 Dec

JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX shared a sweet kiss in Cabo over the weekend and celebrity news was there to witness it!

DGG 008257

While on vacation with their friends in Cabo San Lucas for the last weekend of the year, the baby bump-less Jennifer Aniston and her fiance, Justin Theroux, refused to go without showing their affections for each other.

The engaged couple, who have yet to announce the date of their fairy tale wedding, were photographed sneaking in a kiss in the middle of a sunbathing session with company.

What a good year it has been for love, huh? At least for these two!

See photos of their PDA HERE.

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CHARLIE SHEEN Uses Homophobic Slur At His Own Mexican Bar Opening (VIDEO)

31 Dec

Star news reports that CHARLIE SHEEN used a homophobic slur at his own Mexican bar opening this weekend.

Oh, Charlie

IHA 005896

This weekend, Charlie Sheen hosted the opening party of his bar at the El Ganzo hotel in Cabo this weekend… and bombed it when he hurled homophobic slurs at his guests.

Everything went fine at the beginning when the fired “Two and a Half Men star introduced musical acts on stage and mingled with his guests, but things got a little awkward during his intro when he yelled at the crowd:

“How we doing? … Lying bunch of f**got a**holes, how we doing?”

The crowd continued to cheer but it was

When asked to explain, he apologized to TMZ, saying:

“I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one and I apologize if I offended anyone.”

He added:

“I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp.”


Do you believe him?

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TAYLOR SWIFT Named Most Charitable Celebrity Of 2012

27 Dec

In recent star news, TAYLOR SWIFT has been named the most charitable celebrity of 2012.


AES 081520

If you’ve been getting tired of hearing about Taylor Swift writing humiliating songs about her famous ex-boyfriends and her jumping from guy to guy, here’s something new about the young country singer. has just released its annual “Top 20 Celebs Gone Good of 2012″ list, which features the most charitable celebrities of 2012… and Swift is at the top.

That’s right, her charitable efforts have been recognized and put her spots above Justin Bieber, who has been helping out cancer-stricken children all year. But what catapulted her to the top was her 4 million donation to the Country Hall of Fame Museum.

Oh, did we mention that she is the youngest person to ever receive the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope for her outstanding charity work?

See the complete list HERE.

What do you think of Taylor Swift being the most charitable celebrity of the year?

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ANNE HATHAWAY: “I Was A Witch” To My Husband During “Les Miserables” Filming

27 Dec

ANNE HATHAWAY admits that she was a witch to her husband, ADAM SHULMAN, during the filming of her latest movie, “Les Miserables.”


MSA 005043

You may remember that as the lead character of “Les Miserables,” Anne Hathaway had to go through several physical transformations-such as getting a familiar boy cut (which she admits to crying over) and going on an extreme diet to look like her deathly ill character, Fantine.

But as it turns out, there was an emotional transformation as well and it wasn’t easy on her relationship with her then-boyfriend, Adam Shulman.

The actress revealed to Chelsea Handler on “Chelsea Lately”:

“I was a witch. I mean, I was dealing with a lot of darkness and I was starving. So I just wasn’t that much fun to be around.”

She continued:

“There was one day when, I kid you not, I picked a fight with [Adam] because he wouldn’t watch a sunset with me. I was like, ‘Honey, it’s the most incredible sunset you’ve ever seen, we have to go outside right now and see it.’ And he was like, ‘Honey, I’m on a business call. So just [give me] five minutes.’ And I was like, ‘Fine. That’s great for you.’ And I sat there, and I didn’t even make it the whole five minutes. I just got up.”

Hathaway then added that although it was “a miracle” that they survived the London filming of the movie, she had to send Shulman back to America so as not to ruin their relationship with her “manic” mood swings and to really focus on her role.

She explained:

“I realized I was being really unfair to him and that even though I was in a negative place, I couldn’t let it affect our relationship. And also, I needed to go further into that negative place to play my character, and I love him so much that I was like, ‘You’re making me happy. You’re keeping me up and I’m clawing to the sides of my life and I need to fall into a pit and you need to go, honey.’”

Fortunately, they stood the test of time and emotional distress. They later got married in a private ceremony in California on September 29.

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PSY Performs Christmas Version Of “Gangnam Style” For PRESIDENT OBAMA (VIDEO)

26 Dec

In recent entertainment news, PSY performed a fun Christmas version of his worldwide dance hit “Gangnam Style” for PRESIDENT OBAMA and his family at the “Christmas in Washington” concert, which aired over the weekend.

psy christmas style2

Proving that he was no longer anti-American, a red-clad Psy performed in front of the Obama family at this year’s annual “Christmas in Washington” concert special held at the National Building Museum, which we saw when it aired on Friday.

And to freshen up his massive hit, “Gangnam Style,” the Korean superstar changed the lyrics such as “sexy lady” with “Santa baby” and “Gangnam style” with ”Christmas style.”

Oh, and he starts it off by displaying a little sense of humor.

Watch his special holiday performance below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

KANYE WEST Wishes Paparazzi Well This Christmas (VIDEO)

26 Dec

KANYE WEST, who is not the best fan of the paparazzi, wished them well this Christmas season.

How nice of him!

kanye west smile happy holidays paparazzi

Kanye West seems to be feeling the holiday spirit because when he was approached by a bunch of paparazzi early this week, he actually smiled at them and wished them “Happy Holidays.”

We find it interesting, of course, considering the greeting comes from the short-fused rapper who has gone berserk on the busy reporters and shutterbugs (even going as far as smashing their expensive gear into pieces) more than once in the past few years!

Or perhaps it was also because of his sexy girlfriend, with whom he was leaving a Los Angeles restaurant in her ridiculously expensive, top of the line, 2013 Mercedes G63 AMG, that he didn’t want to ruin his good mood.


Photo Via Video Screen Grab


26 Dec

ASHLEY TISDALE and VANESSA HUDGENS dressed up as “Santa’s lil helpers” for this Christmas, celebrity news has learned.

vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale santas little helpers

Former Disney babies Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens channeled their sultry side this holiday season by dressing up in sexy Christmas-y ensembles to tease their Twitter and Instagram followers with.

Presumably to remind us all that she is ready for more mature roles, Tisdale shared the photo of her and her “High School Musical” co-star and BFF on Monday wearing a low-cut sleeveless red dress, a Santa hat, a “Happy Feet” sweater, tiny black shorts and black knee stockings while puckering up for the camera.

She captioned it:

“Santa’s Lil helpers. Decorating with @vanessahudgens and Austin #christmas #besties”

So much for teenage boys’ cold Christmas, huh?

Photo Via Ashley Tisdale‘s Instagram

KIM KARDASHIAN Shares Old Christmas Eve Photo With Sisters Wearing Matching Sweaters (PHOTO)

26 Dec

Star news has learned that KIM KARDASHIAN shared an old Christmas Eve photo of her with her sisters, KHLOE and KOURTNEY, wearing matching holiday sweaters.

Check them all out:

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Khloe Kardashian Christmas Olds School 1982

Kim Kardashian was in a nostalgic mood when Christmas Eve came around, so she shared another old photo of her and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney together as very adorable kids.

The photo, which Kim says was taken back in 27 years ago, showed the reality star sisters wearing matching blue sweaters… and Khloe looking significantly different with noticeably paler skin and curly hair (this confirms that she really isn’t a legitimate Kardashian!)

Family controversies aside, Kim also shared an anecdote for her fans along with the photo on her Celebuzz. She wrote:

“Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year. When we were kids it would be a day filled with excitement and anticipation before Christmas Day!”

She continued:

“Now, as an adult, I love to spend quality time with family and friends and reflect on the year. Happy Holidays, everyone!”

What do you think of their childhood holiday photo?

Photo Via Kim Kardashian‘s Celebuzz

CHRIS PRATT Undergoes Two Body Transformations For Latest Movie Roles (VIDEO)

21 Dec

In recent entertainment news, CHRIS PRATT talked about undergoing two body transformations-buffing up and then gaining a lot of weight-for his latest movie roles.

Check out the remarkable (and contrasting) results:

Anna Faris‘ husband and baby daddy, Chris Pratt, may be looking a little healthier nowadays, but just weeks before, the “Parks and Recreation” star underwent a pretty serious exercise program to achieve his desired figure for the role of a Seal Team Six member in “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Pratt told Conan O’Brien on his show this week:

“I don’t know if you can tell from the angle right now, but I’m kinda like a fat ass. I have a little extra belly going on.”

He then revealed about getting ripped for “Zero Dark Thirty,” which was evidenced in a sexy mirror photo that he took of himself and posted on his Twitter. He shared to Conan:

“I had about 5-6 months and I really busted my ass to get in shape.”

And then when that movie wrapped, he was required-seemingly as a reward for the hard work-to stuff himself and gain as much as 60 lbs for another movie.

He also showed his “after” photo. When put side-by-side with his shirtless pic where he looked muscular, he joked:

“Usually before and after pictures aren’t shown like that.”

Hopefully, he won’t have to starve himself next because that would be way more difficult!

Listen to him talk more about his body transformations with Conan below:

Photos Via Chris Pratt‘s Twitter

TAYLOR SWIFT Accompanies New Boyfriend HARRY STYLES To The Tattoo Parlor (PHOTOS)

21 Dec

Celebrity news has it that TAYLOR SWIFT accompanied her young boyfriend, HARRY STYLES, to the tattoo parlor while he got another tattoo earlier this week.

And they seem pretty happy with the result…

taylor swift harry styles tattoo

For their latest “date,” Taylor Swift went with her new boyfriend, Harry Styles, while he added another tattoo to his growing collection of permanent body ink in West Hollywood last Tuesday.

The cute boybander from One Direction decided to get another giant tattoo on his left upper arm-a ship, which probably also symbolizes his love for “old sailor tattoos” and traveling.

It was a pretty familiar scene and location for a tattoo, too. If you remember, Taylor was seen standing by her leading man’s side while he got a tattoo in her music video for “I Knew You Were Trouble” and he also sported a tattoo on his left upper arm.

Then again, with Taylor Swift, everything seems like deja vu.

Photos Via Freddy Negrete‘s Instagram

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