JENNIFER LOPEZ Defends BEYONCE’s Alleged Lip-Syncing At Inauguration: “It Happens” (VIDEO)

4 Feb

JENNIFER LOPEZ has come to defend BEYONCE‘s alleged lip-syncing at second-time U.S. President BARACK OBAMA‘s Inauguration earlier this week by saying that “it happens.”

beyonce obama inauguration

After Beyonce received criticism for reportedly lip-syncing during her powerful performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at this year’s Presidential Inauguration for Barack Obama‘s second term, other phenomenal singers are (sort of) coming to her defense… like Jennifer Lopez.

The Latina singer-actress, who sometimes lip-syncs herself during sing-and-dance performances so as not to huff and puff on the mic, told host Jon Stewart on his “Daily Show” on Tuesday:

“Sometimes it happens when you are in certain stadiums and certain venues and things, they do pre-record stuff because you’re going to have that terrible slapback.”

Jennifer was referring to the delayed echo that are often unavoidable when performing with loud speakers in wide open areas.

And besides, Beyonce-or Jennifer herself-definitely aren’t the only ones who have passed up the live singing.

Find out who else did (and was still praised for it) in J.Lo‘s interview below:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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