Dead Space 3: 5 Reasons It’s Awesome, 5 Reasons It Sucks

16 Feb

Those who read my impressions of the Dead Space 3 demo released a few weeks ago will know that I was not at all impressed with it, citing the underwhelming visuals and casual-ised approach to the game, which seemed to be easier and less scary, while opening up their content to a wider audience but at the same time alienating the core fanbase.

Though some of these issues persist in the final version of the game – crafting and co-op in particular are going to remain divisive – Dead Space 3 is, I almost hate to admit, a surprisingly enjoyable experience, a polished title that looks far cleaner than the underwhelming presentation we were subjected to in the demo.

Is it still part of a worrying trend? Absolutely. Will some aspects annoy the hardcore fans? Unquestionably. But is it a breezy blast, even if it’s not really scary anymore? Absolutely.

A definite mixed bag, here are 5 reasons Dead Space 3 is awesome, and 5 reasons it sucks…

5 Reasons It’s Awesome

5. The Setting

Though you won’t spend all of your time there, a large amount of Dead Space 3 is set on the ice planet Tau Volantis, which has been the focus of the game’s advertising campaign so far. Instantly, sci-fi fans will be reminded of John Carpenter’s classic The Thing, as they walk through the white expanses, blasting Necromorphs and looking for a safe haven.

It’s a bold move away from the confined corridors that typified the first two games, and though the open spaces do make a lot of the combat easier – you’ll have far more room to back away and line up shots – the ice setting does allow for some gleefully satisfying combat, particularly when you’re able to blast the Necrmorphs into millions of frozen shards.

Changing up the setting is a tantalizing idea, and one that, if the game is a hit, I hope they will implement again for the fourth game; what about a Dead Space game set in the jungle, for instance?

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