KELLY OSBOURNE Sprains Ankle To Avoid Falling Face First Into Toilet (PHOTOS)

7 Jun

According to recent star news, KELLY OSBOURNE sprained her ankle to avoid falling face first into a public toilet.


AES 045981

Kelly Osbourne, who is not new to accidentally fracturing herself, got yet another injury… this time, on her right ankle.

And as it turns out, the klutzy “Fashion Police” star couldn’t have possibly avoided it.

She explains what happened to her Twitter fans on Wednesday, along with a photo of her foot in a leg brace:

“Got my shoe stuck in a bathroom drain. I was faced w/ spraining my ankle or eating the toilet! Guess what I picked?”

Apparently, the drain that ate her heel was just “right next to the toilet & not screwed to the floor properly” so when it “got stuck,” she chose the less gross way out.

She continued:

“I just could not bare the thought of my face landing in a public toilet! However I’m now questioning my decision due to the pain!!!!”

Poor Kelly. Then again, it’s not nearly as bad as her past injuries that even led her to the emergency room.

She shared of the output of the unfortunate ordeal:

“I sprained the muscles in my ankle that go up to the back of my knee so it was the boot or crutches #OverlyDramaticIHearYa.”

At least she’s got a scratcher (that “even matches [her purple] hair”) for it from her boyfriend!

kelly osbourne twitter leg scratcher

Get well soon!

Photos Via Kelly Osbourne‘s Twitter

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