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6 Stories You May Have Missed

31 Jul

Selena Gomez Reconciles With Justin Bieber… With Just One Catch

SelGo may be getting back together with her on-again, off-again beau, but she’s requesting that he does one little thing before they make it official. Find out what Gomez’s special request is on TMZ.

John Mayer Gives Back

The singer and his girlfriend, Katy Perry, surprised a 16-year old fan with a very special gift this past weekend. Get the scoop on the pricey present on Us Weekly.

Paris Hilton’s Wardrobe Malfunction

I see London, I see France. See what she let slipped on Huffington Post.

Lamar Odom Confronts The Paparazzi

The husband of Khloe Kardashian got into it with a pesky photographer. Luckily for the passengers riding on a nearby sightseeing van, they saw the whole thing unfold. Get the scoop on the baskerballer’s meltdown on Socialite Life.

Is Spider-Man Gay?

Actor Andrew Garfield may have stumbled onto something while filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hear what he has to say about the superhero’s sexuality on

More Car Trouble For Justin Bieber

The singer beloved chrome Fisker Karma was yet again pulled over Thursday morning and the driver was arrested for DUI. Get the details on who was caught intoxicated behind the wheel on Gossip Cop.

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A Guide To Justin Bieber’s Many Controversial Moments

31 Jul

justin bieber

Despite being only 19, Justin Bieber has sure gotten into a lot of trouble.

From alleged baby mama drama to offending almost every rape victim out there, the singer’s road to superstardom has been paved with plenty of controversies.

Recently, the “Baby” crooner yet again made headlines after footage of him urinating into a mop bucket at the back of a nightclub’s kitchen surfaced online. Not only was it, um, kind of gross, but the Biebs also show that he had no respect for the older generation when he grabbed a bottle of cleaner and sprayed it onto a portrait of former President Bill Clinton, yelling “F*** Bill Clinton.”

What else has Bieber done that raised eyebrows?

Get the complete guide to all of his controversial moments, in the gallery above.

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Lindsay Lohan To Be Interviewed By Oprah Winfrey Upon Leaving Rehab, Docu-Series In The Works

30 Jul

“Please welcome Lindsay Lohaaaaan!”

Yes, Oprah Winfrey has landed the first Lindsay Lohan interview following the starlet’s 90-day court-ordered stint at a rehabilitation facility, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Not only will the queen of all things media talk one-on-one with the Liz & Dick actress, but Winfrey’s network, OWN, will produce an eight-episode docu-series that will follow Lohan as she works to rebuild her post-rehab career.

The interview will tape and air in August while the documentary is slated to premiere in 2014.

Lohan, 27, is due to be released from rehab in early next month. A source close to the former Disney star tells Celebuzz Lohan has been doing really well with her program, adding that the only thing she miss are sour candies.

Oprah aside, August is looking to be a big month for LiLo. Her upcoming movie, The Canyons starring adult film actor James Deen, is slated to screen at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

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Rihanna Doesn’t Need Pants To Go Shopping

30 Jul

With legs like Rihanna‘s, who needs pants?

Rihanna decided to go bathing suit casual while shopping in Monaco on Friday, before spending the day out on a yacht with her pals. The 25-year-old singer showed off her famous gams in a black one-piece, sheer cover-up, and sandals.

Bathing suits are a Riri wardrobe staple, and she’s not shy about showing off her scantily-clad assets. The songstress posted a revealing photo of herself in a yellow bikini on Tuesday, just two days after flaunting what she’s got going on in another swimsuit look.

Launch the gallery, above, to see the songstress in her sans-pans shopping spree ensemble.

Robert Kazinsky Gained Some Ginormous Muscles For ‘Pacific Rim’ But Still Loves Him Some Chips

29 Jul

First of all, I haven’t had the chance to see Pacific Rim yet and I’m peanut butter and jelly of anyone that has. It looks like one hell of a good time, at least within the guidelines of a ridiculous summer movie spectacle.

That being said, I’m happy to tell you that, along with awesome robots and menacing monsters, the sci-fi flick also has a serious amount of eye candy. Case in point, Robert Kazinsky.

You probably recognize him from the current season of True Blood, especially because he came this close to making out with Ryan Kwanten on last weeks episode.

In Pacific Rim though, he plays a badass Jaeger pilot faced with the task of keeping the world’s cities protected from giant monsters rising out of the Pacific Ocean. Jaeger’s being giant robots controlled by two human pilots.

At Tuesday’s black carpet premiere, Robert dished to Celebuzz not only about the intense workout regime his part required, but also what it would be like to spend the end of days in his company. Let’s just say he was eating thousands of calories a day, working out constantly, and is convinced that he’d be the best person to be around during the apocalypse.

Check out everything Robert had to say in the CB! video above.

Pacific Rim is in theaters now.

Who’s on Twitter? Vol. 10

29 Jul

There are more than 500 million people on Twitter. Some of them are teens. But some of them are famous people! And since we can’t all be Justin Bieber, Celebuzz is paying tribute to the decidedly less high profile users of Twitter.

Val Kilmer

Age: 53

Occupation: Actor

Twitter Handle: @ValEKilmer

Val Kilmer has really mastered Twitter. There’s really nothing else to say. If you aren’t following him, you’re missing out.

Currently, Kilmer is playing Mark Twain in Citizen Twain, so he talks about that a lot.

Do you know what a 'Twainer' is? It's when you Tweet a Twain quote!!! What are your favorite Mark Twain (#Twainer) quotes?

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) March 21, 2012

Am going live on @KTLAmorningnews to talk about Citizen Twain. Shall I tell them about #twainers? 😉

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) March 29, 2012

Last make up test for Twain. “Learnin' my lines…”

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) January 19, 2013

But you should follow him mostly for the selfies.

.@Skrillex is this dudes name. Look him up! We hung out at the #Grammys. I lost to @BettyMWhite. He won like 4!!!

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) April 28, 2012

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) November 3, 2012

Learning my lines along the Colorado River

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) November 4, 2012

Its very strange not to have hair anymore. Like someone is over your shoulder all the time. U turn but there is no one.

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) November 10, 2012

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) November 30, 2012

Morning hair

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) January 31, 2013

Serious moment- Tori Amos' version of TEEN SPIRIT. Well worth a listen. Well worth 20. 50. Spend a day with it.

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) February 10, 2013

Val and Ricky at Madame Tussaud's….

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) February 13, 2013

Me and my new belt buckle @WarwickADavis

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) March 17, 2013

Betty White gets asked out by Dick Chenney…

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) April 5, 2013

Chlorine eyes from relaxing with the kids by the pool without which Palm Springs is a death wave of heat…

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) May 3, 2013

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) June 12, 2013

My apparently amazing selfie just before doing a KABC interview…

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) June 17, 2013

You're dangerous!

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) June 18, 2013


– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) June 19, 2013

I'm glowing. On my way to ktla yesterday.

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) June 20, 2013

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) July 7, 2013

A lot of times, it’s hard to know what exactly he’s talking about.

Visited my son on the set of his first film written and directed by Gia Coppola last night. He hasn't yet donated to Red Cross for Sandy

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) November 11, 2012

So glad you reached out! I've been so proud of all your memorable roles of late! Amazing body of work that just keeps shining on!

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) March 14, 2013

This's wht it looks like to be single and 50 That's the title of my performance art piece Me & james Franco eat pcorn

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) May 3, 2013

Then there’s this:

Says it all really

– Val Kilmer (@ValEKilmer) July 9, 2013

And now you know who’s on Twitter.

Batman Film Reboot: 5 Ways It Can Top Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

28 Jul

batman reboot

All good things must come to end right? Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy is unquestionably the greatest cinematic trilogy of Batman ever made, there’s no point even trying to top it really is there? Well… While the trilogy was the Batman we deserved, it’s not the Batman we need right now. Of course the Nolan’s films could be topped (pause for sounds of Nolan fan boys clicking to another article) but it definitely won’t be an easy task.

Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge Nolan fan myself, I am eternally grateful to the man who gave my hero back his dignity and legend status. But even the most devoted of Nolan fans out there have to admit there are some things that could be improved upon with a new series. All may not agree with these changes due to the overwhelming success of the ‘Nolan formula’ but there should always be a desire to improve.

Many people of this generation will now be fully versed on this gritty realistic style of Batman Nolan created, and judging by the huge critical as well as commercial success it seems to work pretty well. Some even suggesting it has now blended into the Man Of Steel blueprint, but that’s another topic all together. The type of target audience the reboot will be going for is also a key element in how successful this new franchise will be. Will they keep to the tried and tested formula? Or go even darker? Something many hard core Batman fans have been eager for years to see. I just think we all hope it doesn’t go down the camp Batman and Robin territory again.

Whatever happens the new franchise will have a tough task in trying to please the new generation and keep them interested, as well as paying homage to the older ones. This balancing act will determine the length and success of our new Batman, whether it drives away old audiences or brings in new ones? Time will tell.

The point this article is going to make is that while the previous entries should be respected (Schumacher entries excluded) the opportunity to give us a new and improved legend must be taken. It can be done and really, must be done to help give the proposed Justice League film every chance of happening and staying relevant.

So here are my 5 suggestions on how to make the next Batman franchise:

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Star Wars: 10 Coolest Moments in The Expanded Universe

28 Jul


A sequel to this article from earlier in the week; Star Wars: 7 Dumbest Moments In The Expanded Universe

According to Sturgeon’s Law, 90% of anything is crap. The upside of that is 10% is gold. And in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, that 10% gold is absolutely awesome.

The Star Wars novels may have an overabundance of rank stupidity and strange plots that somehow got published despite being ridiculous, but it also has some truly awesome moments, and some absolutely fantastic stories. There are stories of love and loss, brotherhood and betrayal, courage and sacrifice and the death of dreams (that’s a line from the intro to the novel “Revenge of the Sith.”)

Some of the following are just straight-up cool. Some are interesting concepts that were well explored and brilliantly put together (pick up a Matthew Stover novel if you want more of that). And I can absolutely guarantee that all of them will be better than anything you saw in the prequels.

So, in no particular order, here are the 9 coolest things in the Expanded Universe. And please be warned of varying degrees of spoilers!

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Doctor Who: 8 Possibilities For Series 8

27 Jul


The 50th Anniversary Special is fast approaching. Matt Smith is bowing out as the 11th Doctor this Christmas. The 12th Doctor is being cast as we speak. Change is thick in the air for the 8th Series of Doctor Who, slated to hit our TV screens in 2014. What exactly those changes will be is anyone’s guess.

As fans prepare our stacks of tissue boxes for Matt Smith’s sure to be tearful farewell, we’re also engaging in spirited speculation about what might come next. The upcoming 50th Anniversary Special is sure to throw some theories for a wild loop and introduce more into the mix as well. But November is too far away to simply sit idle until then – so, in the (slightly paraphrased) words of the Doctor, let’s “be very clever down here”, and dive into some of the possibilities for what we might see in Series 8.

BE WARNED: Some SPOILERS for Series 7 lie beyond here. If you haven’t caught up, don’t read on!

8. A Female Doctor


It’s an unfortunate fact that 11 out of 12 people you ask assume the next Doctor will be another youngish, white, probably British, man. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but this and the next few items on the list deal with possibilities for drastic change on the part of the Doctor himself. First among these, obviously, is the chance that our new Doctor could be a woman.

Many people have a varied slate of issues with this. They range from the fact that the Doctor has always been a male, to the canon-based argument that Time Lords cannot change gender during regeneration. Some, myself included, simply fear what a mangled mess a female Doctor would be in the hands of Steven Moffat. Say what you will about his writing skill, but the man has proved time and again that his work, if not blatantly sexist, at least fails to do much to combat the problem.

Nonetheless, the possible casting of a female Doctor is an intriguing idea that has the potential, if carried out, to not only draw more attention and accolades to an already popular show, but open new avenues for storytelling and character interaction. Just imagine the interplay between Jenna Coleman’s Clara and a female Doctor!

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4 Things To Take Into Consideration When Watching 3D Movies

27 Jul

3d movies

A gimmick to some, the future to others. Whatever you might think about 3D movies there’s no denying that in today’s film industry they’re important both as a gimmick and as a way to introduce the audience in the story (take Coraline, for example). However there’s no denying that while the 3D works pretty well for some movies, sometimes it just ruins the experience.

Despite the advances in current technology when it comes to filming in 3D or with those infamous 3D conversions sometimes some movies’ 3D works better than others. That’s why people still have some doubts about whether or not they should go to the theatre and spend more money on a movie that could be much better without the 3D.

However there are a few factors that play a big role when you’re watching a 3D movie that affect whether or not this will be an awesome experience or an incredible failure. So if you want to know the best way to decide whether or not you should see a movie in 3D, please take into consideration some of these tips…

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