Robert Kazinsky Gained Some Ginormous Muscles For ‘Pacific Rim’ But Still Loves Him Some Chips

29 Jul

First of all, I haven’t had the chance to see Pacific Rim yet and I’m peanut butter and jelly of anyone that has. It looks like one hell of a good time, at least within the guidelines of a ridiculous summer movie spectacle.

That being said, I’m happy to tell you that, along with awesome robots and menacing monsters, the sci-fi flick also has a serious amount of eye candy. Case in point, Robert Kazinsky.

You probably recognize him from the current season of True Blood, especially because he came this close to making out with Ryan Kwanten on last weeks episode.

In Pacific Rim though, he plays a badass Jaeger pilot faced with the task of keeping the world’s cities protected from giant monsters rising out of the Pacific Ocean. Jaeger’s being giant robots controlled by two human pilots.

At Tuesday’s black carpet premiere, Robert dished to Celebuzz not only about the intense workout regime his part required, but also what it would be like to spend the end of days in his company. Let’s just say he was eating thousands of calories a day, working out constantly, and is convinced that he’d be the best person to be around during the apocalypse.

Check out everything Robert had to say in the CB! video above.

Pacific Rim is in theaters now.

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