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Celine Dion Sang a New Song Over the Weekend

31 Aug

Celine Dion over the weekend debuted a new song called “Loved Me Back to Life,” which Wikipedia says will also be the title of her next studio album. The song was performed during a concert Saturday at The Battlefields Park in – where else? – Quebec City, Canada, and it’s actually not that bad when you compare it to some of the other songs she’s recorded in her past (once you get past the stuttering intro, anyway). The CD, which will also feature a cover of Daniel Merriweather and Adele’s “Water and a Flame,” is out Oct. 22.

‘Blue Jasmine’ is Woody Allen’s Best Opening Ever

31 Aug

Peter Sarsgaard and Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine.

Playing on just six screens in the country, Woody Allen‘s Blue Jasmine made $612,767 this weekend. That’s an average of $102,128 per screen, making it the biggest limited release of the year. It’s also Allen’s strongest opening to date, in terms of per screen average. By comparison, the weekend’s top grossing film, The Wolverine, opened in 3,924 theaters to gross $55 million, averaging about $14,000 per screen.

Blue Jasmine stars Cate Blanchett as a once-wealthy Ruth Madoff-esque character recovering from a nervous breakdown. Alec Baldwin, Andrew Dice Clay, Louis C.K., Sally Hawkins, Bobby Cannavale and Peter Sarsgaard make up the rest of the cast. Blanchett’s performance, in particular, is already being singled out as a possible Oscar contender. The buzz is not lost on Sony Pictures Classics, who released the movie, telling the Los Angeles Times:

[Sony Pictures Classics co-president Michael] Barker said he is considering mounting an awards campaign for the film, similar to Midnight in Paris, which landed four Academy Award nominations.

“We don’t like to put the cart before the horse,” he said, “but not unlike Midnight in Paris, when we first saw the film, we thought this was the kind of film that really has the opportunity to get some recognition. Not only for best actress, but the supporting players, Woody’s screenplay and the direction – even the picture. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Next weekend, Blue Jasmine will open wider, in about 60 theaters nationwide. Woody Allen may sometimes be down, but he’s never out.

Julianna Margulies Thanks Anthony Weiner for Keeping ‘The Good Wife’ Relevant

30 Aug

Julianna Margulies compared her The Good Wife character to Huma Abedin, calling Anthony Weiner the

Speaking at a Television Critics Association press association, Julianna Margulies addressed the connection between her character on The Good Wife and Huma Abedin, the wife of politician-cum-amateur porn star Anthony Weiner. Saying that she “feels slightly bad,” Margulies called Weiner the “gift that keeps on giving.” Asked about Abedin herself, Margulies compared her appearance at the Carlos Danger news conference to her performance as Alicia Florrick:

She had the exact look that I tried to capture in the pilot when you first meet the Florricks and you see her standing behind her disgraced man. She had such a soul-less look. Her body was empty, her soul was somewhere else and she was just going through the motions.

For comparison, here is a photo of the two next to each other:

Huma Abedin and Julianna Margulies as

That’s Margulies in the 2009 pilot for The Good Wife looking eerily similar to Huma Abedin just last week.

Margulies also added that she has “complete compassion and empathy” for Abedin, but should certainly expect to see some as-inspired-by-Weiner plotlines on the next season of The Good Wife.

Most Iconic VMA Moments: Lady Gaga Kills Herself and Gives Us Life While Performing ‘Paparazzi’

30 Aug


Is Lady Gaga‘s 2009 performance of “Paparazzi” the greatest VMA performance ever? In anticipation of the 2013 MTV VMA ceremony on August 25, we want you to help us name the most iconic VMA moment ever. We’ve selected five of the most memorable performances; vote for your favorite below. Continue reading after the poll for more Gaga goodies. Return each day this week for a new feature on each of the performances. You may vote once per day.

Return next week to vote for your favorite VMA fashion moment. Then, the week of August 12, we wil ask you to vote for your favorite VMA scandal. And now… it’s voting time!

A Few Things to Consider About Lady Gaga’s Jaw-Dropping “Paparazzi” Performance

Some context: Lady Gaga was famous well before her iconic performance of “Paparazzi” at the 2009 VMAs. “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” and “LoveGame” smashed the charts earlier that year, and everyone was all, “That Gaga chick is so crazy!” But remember, this was pre-“Bad Romance,” pre-“Telephone.” It was before the meat dress, before the massively successful world tours. So when the curtain went up, people didn’t really know what to expect.

The unsuspecting – along with everyone else – were in for a treat. When Gaga took the stage for her first-ever VMAs performance, she let everyone know that she was The One To Beat. This performance helped catapult her to a level of superstardom not seen since Britney Spears rose to fame a decade earlier. Let’s be honest: do you really remember any performance from that night? (Not counting Kanye West‘s interruption of Taylor Swift, of course.)

But it wasn’t over yet. After a fierce dance routine, Gaga was all like “Oh, you think I’m a basic pop tart? Let me play you the song of my people” and gave us a few dramatic bars on the piano – one foot up on the keys like a modern day Tori Amos.

The rest, as they say, is herstory. Gaga’s outfit began bleeding, and as she stumbled across the stage, “dying” before our very eyes, it was clear that this would be a performance to remember. And we did.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite iconic VMA performance above. Return each day this week to vote again – and for a new feature on the other performances.

Read our feature on Britney Spears’ iconic “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the 2001 VMAs.

Who Is The Highest Paid Actress of 2013?

29 Aug

Beyonce was right: girls do run the world.

Forbes has released their annual list of the year’s highest paid actresses and – from the looks of these paychecks – the women of Hollywood are raking it in.

Sitting pretty at No. 1 is Angelina Jolie, who earned an estimated $33 million in 2013. The publication also predicts that the 38-year-old is set for another big pay day when Maleficent – Disney’s take on Sleeping Beauty as told through the eyes of the villain – hits theaters in July 2014.

Meanwhile, last year’s top earner, Kristen Stewart, has been knocked down to the No. 33 spot, raking in only $22 million thanks to her work in last installment of the Twilight film franchise.

Who beat her out for the runner-up position?

Launch the gallery above to see the Top 10 list of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses.

The DAILY BUZZ: The Giudices Surrender, JT Drops A Video, Bruce Willis Is Pissed Off

29 Aug

  • Teresa and Joe Giudice decide that life on the lam isn’t a good call
  • Bruce Willis gets cranky with a UK interviewer in today’s Smirnoff Ice Absurdly Awesome Moment
  • Justin Timberlake releases his latest video masterpiece

It’s all waiting for you on today’s edition of The Daily Buzz

Smirnoff Ice and Tommy the Pom have the pre-party plan ready to roll:

Here Is Your First Look at David O. Russell’s Star-Studded ‘American Hustle’

28 Aug

David O. Russell and his New Balance sneakers paid a visit to Good Morning America on Wednesday to debut the first trailer for his star-studded new movie American Hustle. It looks good.

The film is a fictional take on the FBI’s now-famous ABSCAM sting operation that ultimately brought down some of the top political in the Northeast. It focuses on two con artists (Christian Bale and Amy Adams) who work with an agent (Bradley Cooper) to make it all happen.

The film, which also co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner, opens Christmas Day, and will likely arrive with a slew of Oscar buzz. (Adams looks particularly good, both literally and otherwise.)

You can judge for yourself, though, by watching the video, above.

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