Selena Gomez Gets The Party Started In New ‘Birthday’ Music Video

16 Aug

Selena Gomez 'Birthday' Music Video

Party on, Selena.

How do you celebrate your 21st birthday when you’re Selena Gomez? You release a music video about your birthday, of course.

The now-21-year-old songstress unveiled a brand spankin’ new video for her track, “Birthday” on Monday morning, just in time to coincide with her day of birth, July 22nd.

The video features Selena hanging at wild house party with some energetic folks having a grand old time, dancing, throwing confetti, and doing young people things like fist pumping. The birthday girl is dressed ’90s casual in a crop top and flannel.

No french fry skulls or doll make-outs in sight, but it still looks like a pretty good time.

Gomez sings, “Tell ’em that is my birthday/ When I party like that/ Every night’s my birthday/ They don’t know, so it’s okay/ Tell ’em that it’s my birthday/ When I party like that.” (Get the full lyrics at Directlyrics here.)

The upbeat party track is sort of a more PG version of Rihanna’s “Cake.” Get ready to hear “Birthday” at celebrations for years to come, because that’s happening. Releasing a fun birthday song is always a good idea because party people need to switch things up. We can’t play 50 Cent and The Beatles every time we get a year older.

Watch the video for “Birthday,” above.

Happy 21st, Selena! Don’t get too cray cray tonight, girl.

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