Superman Vs Batman Movie: One Way To Make Batman Interesting

8 Sep


Superman vs Batman is two years away, and there is a massive split in the audience. On one side you have the people who are already counting down the days until the film comes out, and on the other you have the people who completely hated Man Of Steel and are not interested in Superman vs Batman as long as Zack Snyder is involved. Personally, I can’t wait for this film. I really enjoyed Man Of Steel and I was so excited when they confirmed Superman vs Batman, but there is one element which could either make or break the movie. The re-introduction of Batman.

There are a couple of ways the go about this. One road which they could take is casting Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Caped Crusader and continue the story from The Dark Knight Trilogy. This is probably the most unlikely option that they will choose because Christopher Nolan worked very hard when writing The Dark Knight films to make them as realistic as possible, and adding a Kryptonian in the mix sort of puts all that hard work to waste. Christopher Nolan is involved with the Man Of Steel sequel, so he will probably be standing in between Zack Snyder and the phone, if Zack decides to call Joseph Gordon-Levitt. On the other hand though, if Christopher Nolan is involved he will probably be able insert Batman into the story very well. Hopefully they won’t choose this option because I feel like The Dark Knight Trilogy story should remain untouched.

Of course what they could is get a new young actor and reboot the whole story once again. If they choose this option, I expect them to not show Batman’s origin story in this film and trust that the audience has learned that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire and when he is young he saw his parents murdered before his eyes blah blah blah, to be honest we really don’t need another Batman origin story. This option is more possible and it will probably be better received by fans rather than continuing Nolan’s story. If they do choose to show his origin story, then they would have to do it with much less screen time than they would if they made a solo Batman movie and the end product would probably be a rushed origin. If you gave the story lot’s of screen time, then you would have a Superman sequel with more Batman than Superman. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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