Paula Deen’s Attorneys Ask Court To Grant Juror Questionnaires for Fair Trial

19 Oct

With all the media attention surrounding Paula Deen and that nasty lawsuit, it looks like the celebrity chef’s attorneys are taking every possible action to ensure she gets a fair trial.

On Friday, Deen’s legal team filed a motion for issuance of juror questionnaires, according to court papers obtained by Celebuzz.

Identifying the 66-year-old Deen as a “nationally known personality,” the papers state that media and public attention “has reached a frenzy, in which stories concerning Mrs. Deen, Plaintiff, and this case have been among the top national news stories.”

Deen is being sued by her former restaurant manager Lisa Jackson in a $1.2 million civil lawsuit. Earlier this month, the TV star switched legal representation, hiring a team led by Grace E. Speights, a partner in Washington, D.C.-based Morgan Lewis’ Labor and Employment firm.

Of course, pre-trial juror questionnaires are not new, especially in cases involving public figures and famous people. Among past cases mentioned in Friday’s motion: ABC Inc, v. Stewart (as in Martha Stewart).

Citing the Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ remarks from the 2004 case, Deen’s attorneys note that prospective jurors were first screened based on their questionnaire results, then individually questioned in the district judge’s robing room.

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