5 Best Festival Headliners Of 2013

28 Nov

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As the festival season draws to a close and everyone packs away their camping gear until next year – if any of it was salvaged after a weekend of cavorting – the post festival blues begin to set in. Yet it’s better to look back fondly than to rue the fact the world’s finest music acts won’t be rendezvousing in fields up and down the UK again until next summer.

But it’s not a bad summer of festivals to look back on by any stretch of the imagination. Many line ups didn’t live up to expectations – that’s a certainty. That’s not to say those scoring headline slots disappointed. That would be living under a false pretense.

Veteran headliners placed themselves on a whole new pedestal and new bands stepped up in yet another great summer of performances.

Here’s 5 of the best…

5. Foals – Latitude

Fests 3

The Oxford boys finally got their big break to headline this year and the nod came from the organizers of Latitude festival. despite being seasoned live performers, Foals were daunted by the prospect of headlining on the run up to the show. Frontman Yannis Philippakis said that it was “surreal” to see their name above certain bands on the bill and that he needed someone to “pinch” him.

The nerves were quickly shaken off though. Exclaiming that it was “good to be back”, Foals embarked on a career spanning set that included material from their 2013 record “Holy Fire”. All the anxiety that was talked about prior had evaporated. During the crescendo of “Providence” Yannis even had the audacity to hurl himself into the crowd.

Foals may not have seemed conventional headliners ahead of their performance but they proved they’re more than up to the task.

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