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Throwback Move Winner Announced And New Dance Theme…Revealed

31 Jan

This week’s champion of the Battle of the Year Make Your Move Sweepstakes and WINNER of $250 for the best throwback dance move is…

GEORGIE DE MATTOS! Way to throw it back, gurl!

So what’s the next theme, you ask? Excellent question. It’s one of our favorites…


If your krumping puts Tommy the Klown to shame, SHOW US! Why? Because you could get 250 bucks just for showing us your ballin’ krump dance moves. That’s why.

As always, here’s your easy peezy breakdown of how to win:

1. Create a video or take a photo using Instagram or Vine showing your ultimate KRUMP MOVES

2. Post the video or photo using the hashtag #BOTYDanceOff (Note: your account should be public so we can see it!)

3. Share your sweet moves on Twitter!

4. This third theme ends Sept. 15th, and we announce the winner on Monday, Sept. 16th AND announce the last dance theme!


Wanna see other awesome peeps busting sweet moves? Head on over to our BOTY Headquarters, where we’re sharing YOUR photos and you can catch up oneverything YOU need to know about this year’s hottest dance flick! Don’t forget to follow @boty and @celebuzz for all the juicy deets!

Lamar Odom’s Party Gal Pal Claims She Saw Him Do Drugs

31 Jan

The woman who has claimed to be Lamar Odom‘s mistress has given a video interview with TMZ where she reveals that she witnessed the NBA star do drugs.

“I did see it,” Polina Polonksy responded when asked about his alleged crack cocaine use.

The attorney, who has said she engaged in a six-week affair with Odom starting in June, even goes so far to say Khloe Kardashian‘s husband had “paranoid” tendencies during the time he lived with Polonsky.

“I found little paper towels, wads in every pretty much hole or crevice in my apartment after he had left.

“He would take the battery out of his phone, he thought that he was being tracked, that there was a GPS devise on his car,” she added in the video.

“I can’t imagine that anything was as bad as it is now.”

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Harry Styles Had A Pizza Party With Cindy Crawford’s Kids

30 Jan

Being a supermodel’s kid sure has its perks.

Harry Styles has apparently struck up a friendship with Cindy Crawford‘s children, Presley and Kaia, so he stopped by their place to whip up some Hawaiian pizzas. Celebs are just like us, guys.

14-year-old Presley captioned a pic posted to Instagram:

“Thanks for stopping by the house again and helping the boys and I make our pizzas @harrystyles.”

Kaia, 12, also snapped a photo from the Harry hang time, writing, “Thanks for coming by again @harrystyles and giving my friend, Ava, a mini heart attack…”

No fair! That looks like the best play date ever.

Styles has been over at the Crawford/Gerber abode in the past. The One Direction lad came by after Presley got his tonsils out. Harry even makes house calls, everyone.

Wonder if he made a mean pizza pie? He did work at a bakery before hitting it big, after all.

Robin Thicke Says Wife Paula Patton Encouraged Him to Pose With Naked Ladies

30 Jan

Yes, Robin Thicke is getting up close and personal with semi-nude ladies again.

The singer is Treats! magazine’s latest cover boy and – like his “Blurred Lines” music video – his photo spread features plenty of skin that’s all been approved by his loving wife. According to Thicke, actress Paula Patton is the one who gave him her blessing to go all out in the racy photo shoot.

“I’ve done some topless photo shoots before but never completely nude. It was very sexy and I like that. At first I thought, ‘Okay, let’s just do topless’…but, again, my wife and her friends were like, ‘No way…go all the way.’ I think we definitely pushed the envelope,” he tells the mag.

And in terms of his music video that got banned on YouTube and angered feminists everywhere, Thicke says it’s all just “silly and fun.”

“All three guys in the video are married and have children … it was all tongue-in-cheek,” he says. “We wanted to put everything in that was taboo.”

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Doctor Who: Big Finish Mega-Review – October’s Releases

29 Jan

Ghost In The Machine Cover Large

A Jo Grant Companion Chronicle, a Tenth Doctor and Donna story, a Second Doctor Lost Story, a Main Range Sixie and Peri tale and that most wonderful of surprises, an early release to Big Finish’s 50th anniversary story, “The Light at the End”.

We have a lot to cover for Big Finish’s October releases! Let’s get to it!

The Companion Chronicles – “Ghost in the Machine”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went, that lamb was sure to go.
The TARDIS is empty. The Doctor has gone.
Jo Grant steps outside into the darkness and finds the frozen body of her friend, and the ship’s log recorder. On it is attached a simple message – ‘Use Me’.
As she explores this place, recording her every move, Jo discovers the horror that lies in the shadows.
But by then it is too late.

Katy Manning has constantly been one of the best things about the audio ranges. Her vocal talents are really quite impressive, which she displays in her one-woman show story, “Not a Well Woman”, and shows off regularly playing both Iris Wildthyme and Third Doctor companion, Jo Grant.

This story is no exception. She very briefly voices the Doctor and one other person, but mostly she voices Jo and a sentient audio tape recording of Jo’s voice. It’s extremely sinister and extremely effective.

Yes, the story centers around a machine that allows audio tape to record people and, in a certain way, bring them back to life. It’s frankly a weird premise, and one that could have failed in lesser hands, but Big Finish does their usual great job of making it work despite itself.

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10 Comic Book Items It’d Be Awesome To See In Live Action Movies

29 Jan

Ultimate Nullifier

Comic books are full of weird, wonderful and incredibly powerful items. We’ve seen a few of them adapted in to live action movies already; Mjolnir, Green Lantern rings, two of the Infinity Gems, Captain America’s shield, the Mask, the Spear of Destiny and Cerebro to name but a few. But that leaves an abundance of even more exotic items unexplored in the live action movie universe and so many still to choose from therefore.

Consequently, I’ve been thinking which other items from comic book lore it would be fantastic to see created for the big screen in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Whether it be for the item’s versatility, its potential visual beauty on screen or simply because it’s something so different to anything we’ve seen before, I’ve picked a few that would be very welcome in a live action movie.

Here are ten comic book items that we would love to see in a live action movie…

Honourable Mention: Infinity Gauntlet


So far we’ve caught a very brief glimpse of the gauntlet itself and we’ve seen two of the gems/stones in action independently (the Tesseract and the Aether), but we are yet to see all six gems/stones attached to the gauntlet and being wielded by one individual at the same time.

That, of course, will come much later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will likely occur when Thanos manages to collect all six of the items of power.

But the fact that we’ve caught a glimpse of the gauntlet itself and seen two of the gems/stones doing their thing in great detail means that this doesn’t make the full list.

Moving on…

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9 Most Evil Film Directors

28 Jan

Tom Six

Calling a director ‘evil’ is a bit of a minefield. You could call Roman Polanski evil for having sex with an underage girl. You could call certain directors evil for the way they treat their cast and crew – remember Hitchcock’s remark about actors being cattle?

In this list, I am not judging directors on their personal lives or ways of working, I am rating them on their film output – for example, why is X director so obsessed with the sex lives of children? Why has X director bombarded us with the sickest idea for a horror movie ever made? Why did X director get into film making just to make money and cynically trade on his ability to gross us out?

It is a light hearted list and I love some of the directors I have listed, but by golly do they have evil ideas. Some are deeply cynical, some are misanthropes, some hate women, some are profoundly racist and these little evil traits get transported onto the screen. It’s a fun list so please enter your favourite evil director below!

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