20 Genius Parents Who Have Totally Won Halloween

3 Jan

Alien Loader

People have kids for lots of reasons, with boredom, for the tax benefits, and because their house is too clean and smells too nice coming in around the top spot in the majority of the Western world, but the little devils have even greater benefits around the holiday periods every years.

At Christmas (and in fact all year) they mean you can go to Disneyworld without looking like a weirdo, they also allow you to buy toys you’re probably way too old at, they make easily beatable Monopoly opponents (especially when they’re too young to know the rules) and they’re wonderful living mannequins for anyone with some creative Halloween outfit ideas that would suit a tiny body, who doesn’t have access to any genuine little people.

And it seems there are a lot of parents out there who revel in the opportunity to show off their kids, all dressed up and ready to empty the neighbours’ houses of candy, before collapsing in a sugar-induced coma until Christmas.

These people are doing life right, and they are to be proclaimed the kings of Halloween, so with that in mind we’re celebrating the most creative and the geekiest kiddie costumes and the people behind them, starting with something of a morality tale…

Dishonourable Mention

Anyone Who Buys This Ganja Baby Outfit

Ganja Baby

You might like to share your lifestyle with your friends, and put up Jamaican flags and Bob Marley posters, which you stare at lovingly while twirling your smelly dreadlocks, but if you dress your baby up like marijuana, they should probably be taken away from you.

But now, on to better things…

20. The Parents Who Blurred The Lines Between Baby And Snack…

Burrito Baby

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