Watch a Very Dramatic Preview of ‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4

4 Jan

Downton Abbey Season 4

Death rocked the very foundation of Downton Abbey’s third season earlier this year. Now, as we look ahead to the upcoming fourth season, it appears its inhabitants must chose to wallow in that death or live the life they’ve been left with.

Fair warning, there will be spoilers after the jump.

The death of Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) seemed like it would tear the show apart. It had, after all, begun with the search for Matthew and training him to take the reins of the massive estate. Not to mention the fact that his love story with Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) was an epic one.

Thankfully, Mary has the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) for a grandmother, a woman who never lets anything get in her way.

The teaser trailer is exactly what you’d expect, a big ‘ol tease. That being said, it still gives glimpses into the good and bad times that await both the upstairs and downstairs characters of Downton.

Downton Abbey doesn’t return to America until January 14th, 2014, but feel free to watch the trailer over and over again until then.

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