What’s Next for Baz Luhrmann? Possibly Some More Shakespeare

5 Jan

With The Great Gatsby retreating into his rearview mirror, Baz Luhrmann is moving on with work. But that doesn’t mean a new movie.

For now, the director is taking a breather from the big screen to tackle other “creative things,” he told us, sitting in the The Fitzgerald Suite at The Plaza in New York City. That includes a stage adaption of his 1992 award-winning film, Strictly Ballroom.

Now with five feature films to his name, Luhrmann said he’s considering hanging up his hat: “I have to decide whether I’m not retiring.” But it sounded almost half-hearted, explaining in the very next breath that he’s already eying source material to take him back to the director’s chair.

“I do have few books and a few writers and a few extraordinary pieces that I am currently pursuing,” Luhrmann said. “Whether I’ll ever actually find the energy to do them, I don’t know, because I can barely stand up after this one.”

Could it be more Shakespeare? (It’s been rumored he wants to do Hamlet). He hints yes.

Watch the interview with Luhrmann, above. Relive the glittering Great Gatsby on Blu-ray (in 3D, too!), in stores now.

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