Jay Z Gets Meditative With Justin Timberlake in His ‘Holy Grail’ Music Video

6 Jan

Jay Z‘s “Holy Grail” music video is one big metaphor that reads: fame can be a road to ruin.

The clip begins with just Jay, sitting among scattered sculptures in a sparely-furnished space, dimly-lit by candelabras, with a butler waiting for his beckon call in the wings, meditating on a Mike Tyson boxing match, which is playing on stacked old-school box TVs.

Then a scruffily-bearded Justin Timberlake shows up singing – first in a room, where underwear-clad women, wrapped in sheets, writhe on chairs, then in front of a car engulfed in flames.

It comes to a close after a carefully-balanced tower of champagne glasses comes crashing down.

In all, “Holy Grail” is an artful, grandiose visual experience from genius director Anthony Mandler. The Timberlake-featuring song, which has stayed in the top 10 since Magna Carta Holy Grail dropped, is slightly remixed for the video, with parts slowed down and JT’s intro being pushed back to after the first verse.

Watch the video, which first premiered on Jay’s Facebook, above. Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.

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