9 Biggest Killers In Space

16 Jan

Destruction In Space

Space… the final frontier… these are the voya… wait a second: that doesn’t sound entirely right.

Space… why it wants to kill us all… and how it plans on doing it? That’s more like it Neil Degrasse Tyson once held a seminar on Intelligent Design at the Salk Institute in 2006 where he illustrated, rather hilariously, how intelligent design is actually very unintelligent: point-in-fact, how it was probably better-named “Stupid Design.” What he tosses out in general, are a variety of ways that the universe is trying to kill all of us. Because in effect, it is.

When you consider that we are specks of dust, living on a speck of dust, among specks of dust, that are among (yet) larger specks of dust in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually somewhat baffling to think that we have been capable of surviving as long as we have in this cosmic shooting gallery. But of course, within our little speck of dust we’re (generally speaking) fairly safe. For now.

Click “next” to take a peek at 9 of the biggest killers in space, all of which will essentially (one day) kill us all (or those of us unlucky enough to still be around…)

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