WWE: 9 Wrestling Talents We Lost In 2013

23 Feb


Pro wrestling has proved to be a year on year tragedy for much of its existence. There have been way too many wrestlers who have died young in this business, followed by considerable media coverage of the industry fatality rate.

The grueling nature of travelling the road and nightly bumping on the canvas is a catalyst for mental and physical exhaustion. Added to that is the aesthetic need to constantly appear in shape. When travelling it’s often difficult to get a proper gym session or relaxation in, and this has led to huge steroid abuse to attain “the look” followed by huge alcohol and drug abuse to combat the pain of bumping.

A generation has been wiped out from wrestling’s dark side.

Thankfully in 2013, the benefits of WWE’s industry clean up are being seen. There have been far less deaths in the past 12 months, and the majority of passing have been men who lived a full life. Nevertheless, there has still been young men going too soon, there has been controversy and there has been drug deaths.

Here we look at 10 Wrestling talents lost in 2013, and pay tribute to their life …

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