120s-180s Timer 36W 36 Watt Nail GEL UV Curing Lamp Light Dryer With CE / FCC / ROHS Certificate High Quality and Friendly Environment Promise, Ship From US

12 Mar

  • Energy-saving, lower power consumtion machine
  • Special design for curing gel nail
  • Can used for setting nail polish
  • Adjustable digital timer lets you set the curing time as you need.
  • Easy to use – Arrives fully-assembled and ready-to-use. Fuse protected.

Bellehome Make Belle at home

Product Highlights:

* Built in FAN
* Curing of UV gels hands or feet at fast time.
* Effectively and quickly cured all UV and gel based products.
* Reflective inside lining to ensure proper UNIFORM drying.
* INCLUDES 4 Bulbs (9 Watts each) for uniform curing/drying.
* Built in storage compartment in back of unit.
* 4 ultraviolet bulbs (9 watts each) – Total of 36 watts, ultraviolet (UV) drying power.
* Spacious design – Large drying area allows ample placement for hand or foot with less risk of smudges.
* Circulating fans – Provide for steady air flow and decreased drying time for standard polishes.
* Three operating modes – UV-dry only, air-dry only & simultaneous UV plus air drying.
* Professional quality – CE/FCC/ROHS certified (international safety compliance standard).


* Color: White
* Rated voltage range: AC110-120V, 60HZ
* Circulating fans
* Digital Timer set
* Time Display
* CE-certified dryer
* 4 ultraviolet bulbs (9 watts each) – Total of 36 watts

Package includes:

1 * 36W UV Curing Nail Dryer with Fan
1 * User manual in English

Price: $65.48

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