Mindy Kaling’s Interview with ‘Parade’ Will Make You Laugh, Cry

19 Mar

If the excerpt from Mindy Kaling‘s new interview with Parade magazine is any indication, you’ll be blaming imaginary onions by the time you’re done reading the whole thing.

In a preview, released by the publication earlier this week, Kaling gets candid about being the boss of The Mindy Project and the bittersweet day the series got the green light from FOX.

“It was like a gift from God or my mom,” the 34-year-old tells Parade of losing her mother to pancreatic cancer on the same day the show got picked up.

“I think she was giving me something so I didn’t have to get crushed under the weight of my grief.”

Kaling also opens up about what it’s really like calling the shots on a TV show.

“I love being the boss, but it’s lonelier because you know that everyone at some point has huge complaints about you,” she says. “And I like to be part of the gang, you know?”

The Mindy Project recently kicked off its second season.

For more from Mindy Kaling, head over to Parade.

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