Emmys 2013: 5 Nominations That Should Have Happened

11 May


Well, the 2013 Emmy nominations have been revealed and there were a lot of surprise nominations and a lot of surprise snubs. Instead of looking at the surprise nominations, I figure I’d go the obvious route and look at the snubs.

Now, I never get too upset with snubs and nominations, and stuff like that. It doesn’t really ring important with me. However, I do think certain shows and performances deserve a little more recognition and a little boost to increase viewers and keep the shows afloat. Now, while I’m not positive getting an Emmy nom helps your ratings, I couldn’t imagine it would hurt them.

I use to take the Emmy’s seriously. I use to think they meant something. After Jim Parsons beat Steve Carell twice, I just didn’t feel like they meant anything. No disrespect to Parsons, I think he is great on BBT, but it is nothing compared to Carell’s portrayal of Michael Scott. I know it’s weird to think that one award, back to back years, made me change my entire mind on the Emmys and award shows in general, but it did.

I’m also going to come out and say that I don’t watch a decent amount of the popular shows that get nominated. So for me to say that someone deserves to be nominated instead of someone from Game of Thrones or Mad Men, would be insane. Because I don’t watch those shows I can’t say who is or who isn’t good on that program. These are just people that I think should have been nominated, also.

Enough rambling, let’s take a look at the snubs! (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

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