WWE: 6 Reasons Your Criticisms Of The Current Product Are Plain Wrong

23 May



For those who are not in the know, a smark usually defined as someone who is totally obsessed with all things wrestling and not only watches the programming but follows the business in its entirety, from backstage politics to real life events in the Superstars lives. But I believe there is truly a significant difference between a “smart” wrestling fan and a smark. A smart wrestling fan takes everything into account when making his critique of the current product, basically we try to find improvements that will benefit not only the entire audience but the wrestlers in general and make for the best possible show & brand overall.

Now smarks as I see it, only look at ways how they can improve the product for themselves. They’re the most selfish people in wrestling. They constantly complain, tend to nit-pick and question every decision a wrestling company makes, never really offer any good suggestions. They want the show to cater only to them and if they had it their way, they would only push their favourite superstars only. Smarks are the type of people who say things like “the WWE is crap, I haven’t watched it in years.” That has got to be the most annoying statement ever. If you haven’t watched it in years, how do you know its crap and what gives you the right to critique if you don’t watch it anymore?

And with the ratings at an all time low (in America anyway) it seems that the majority of fans nowadays are all smarks, as the WWE right now, admittedly after a few tumultuous years is at its best period since 2002. I honestly can’t make sense of it myself, as the WWE seems to have listened to their fans as of late and done everything we have ever asked of them….including most of the smarks main arguments as to why the “pg era” is so bad….to which I have decide to retort, just so I can put to rest all of their petty little arguments & maybe add a few points to their ratings so as to make sure this new beginning does not get push aside because of what peoples misconception of the current product are….

(P.S. If I sound like I am one of those whom I have described as a “smark”, I honestly don’t mean to, ha…. this is just trying to be a counter argument to the main points most most of em scream about….I just like to think that I am more susceptible to my ideas being wrong and I won’t be defending them to the death in any type of gladiatorial spectacle, I welcome any and all “constructive” criticisms….these are in no particular order)

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