WWE: Are Our Expectations Too High?

20 Jun

christian wwe

As I scroll through various dirt sheets and so-called wrestling forums, all I seem to find is that people are constantly complaining and wanting more out of the WWE.

My simple question to you is – Are our expectations too high?

The days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and the Attitude Era are gone. We are now in the “PG era” as so many people have referred to it as. WWE doesn’t have any legitimate competition, it doesn’t have to fight for ratings and it certainly doesn’t have to listen to the older fans. WWE is aimed at children, with the ‘hardcore’ fans coming second.

If you ask an average member of the public whether or not they watch WWE they will probably tell you that they don’t, it’s for kids and they used to watch it when they were kids. The storylines and booking don’t have to be as intelligent and/or elaborate as we want them to be because kids wouldn’t be able to understand. All they need to know is- this guy doesn’t like this guy so they are going to fight.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the WWE to produce better content for us older fans but I have come to the realization that I may be expecting too much. Some people are never happy though. A lot of people have wanted something like the current storyline with Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Triple H and the McMahon’s for ages. It finally happens and people aren’t happy with the way it was executed, or the timing or even, the colour of Vince’s suit.

A lot of things happening right now in the WWE are exactly what the hardcore Internet fans have wanted and they still aren’t happy. Randy Orton is heel again; Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are the top two faces in the company. They are trying to restore creditability to the Intercontinental and United States titles by putting CM Punk against Curtis Axel and hopefully Dolph Ziggler against Dean Ambrose. Is this all because John Cena is injured?

But isn’t this what we have wanted for quite a few years? Or do we expect more?

I think the WWE is improving and have got to the stage where I can watch it without getting annoyed because something hasn’t or has happened.

Hell, I even find the 3MB entertaining!

I’d love to know what everyone else thinks, do we expect too much?

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