4 Reasons For Wii U Owners To Be Cheerful

7 Jul

Wii U

The Wii U is coming remarkably close to a year on general release, with little to distinguish it from the console crowd. While the technology has been given the thumbs up, the public have shrugged en masse. Granted, the Wii U is far pricier than its forebear – even after the price cut – and apparently there’s some other consoles on the horizon, but maybe it deserves a second look.

After all, Nintendo has often experienced sluggish starts. You don’t have to look very far back, either – the 3DS was launched with a catalogue that made the Wii U’s look impressive. However, Kid Icarus and Monster Hunter Tri G broke the walls down, and since then it’s proved a worthy successor to the DS.

Much panic has centred around the lack of third-party support. Indeed, big names have ignored the console outright, and substandard, lazy ports have sat alongside exclusives jumping to other platforms. But I reckon the Wii U’ll look a better prospect once its competitors are released. Let’s break it down…

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