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5 Reasons Kevin Smith Should Direct Die Hard 6

27 May

die hard 6

If you’ve listened to any of Kevin Smith’s recent Q and A’s or podcasts, you probably know about his experience on the film Cop Out. It was Smith’s first real venture into studio film-making and he was working with a script not by Kevin Smith. Warner Brothers teamed him up with legendary star Bruce Willis, gave him millions of dollars and let them loose.

What ensued was an experience Smith has described as fantastic despite one minor detail: the star of the film. Willis has been known to be difficult to work with, especially with directors he doesn’t get along with very well and Cop Out wasn’t any different. Smith and Willis butted heads more than once and it ended up being a defining moment for Smith who would go on to capitalize on podcasts, write a book, create a television series and announce his soon to come retirement from film directing. Bruce Willis went on to make A Good Day to Die Hard.

With A Good Day to Die Hard being ravaged by critics and really only wowing audiences in countries where they can’t understand most of the lame dialogue and with Kevin Smith taking undeserved heat day in and day out from critics and pundits claiming to know his art better than him, this guy had a great idea that I’d like to share with everyone. Kevin Smith should direct Die Hard 6…

Don’t think I’m serious? Here’s five reasons why I am:

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