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Almost Human: 5 Ways Rudy Stole The Show In ‘The Bends’

11 Feb

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Almost Human is a show that hit the ground running and has continued to impress week after week, and the show’s fourth episode, The Bends, is no exception. The show has managed to avoid many of the obstacles that plague new programs, delivering exciting stories, memorable characters, and a fascinating world to explore. Each episode has introduced us to a new part of the futuristic 2048 Los Angeles. In episode two we saw how technology has changed the sex trade, and last week we were given an enthralling hostage situation. Now, we see our first glimpse at how the drug trade has been affected by new technologies, which thankfully brings Rudy Lom (played brilliantly by Mackenzie Cook) front and center.

Mackenzie Cook, best known for his small but memorable roles in the UK version of The Office and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, has become one of the show’s best characters in the last few weeks, though he’s often been diminished to the typical “lab geek” role.

In The Bends, an old police friend of Kennex’s is killed in an undercover mission and framed as a drug addict. In order to uncover the mystery behind his death, Rudy is brought out of his basement lab to go undercover as a cook for a street drug called The Bends. Much of the episode centers around his mission, giving a bit of variety to the show (which until now has mainly focused on the burgeoning partnership between Kennex and Dorian). As a result, Mackenzie Cook completely stole the show, providing some of the episode’s greatest moments. Here are the five ways Rudy shone this week and gave us one of the show’s best episodes yet.

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