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Anne Hathaway’s Taste in Music Is Rivaled Only By Her Taste in Hats

1 Aug

Anne Hathaway Shops For Records With Her Husband

If you’ve ever wondered – and let’s be honest, we all have – whether Anne Hathaway is a fan(ne) of Duran Duran, then wonder no more! We have your answer! She is, in fact, a fan of the Simon Le Bon-fronted ’80s boy band, who were, if I recall correctly, the Backstreet Boys-meets-One Direction of their time. That last statement was definitely accurate! Anyway, what I really want to talk to you about is Anne’s great hat! It’s great, that hat! Love your hat, Anne. Definitely the best choice of hats for going incognito.

I love Anne’s hat almost as much as I love the captions submitted for this photo. Read them below, and then go buy yourself a nice, new hat!

“It had to be Duran Duran” – Manayake

“Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand…” – Fafidoll

“Y’all spotted me in this disguise?” – Bethany

“Hmmm…maybe if I wear this enormous hat they won’t see me.” – Jimilee

“I like big things… I’m talking about the album and the hat, of course” – Edson

“I could show Simon LeBon a thing or two…” – Daelynn

“Why aren’t you looking at me i’m a movie star shopping with the little people…Don’t you see my movie star hat???” – Betty

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ANNE HATHAWAY Oscar Dress Inspires “Nipple” Twitter Handle

3 Jul

ANNE HATHAWAY‘s Oscar dress inspired a “nipple” twitter handle after she seemingly showed off a glimpse of it this weekend, Hollywood news has learned.

But really, can you blame them?

AES 092403

Anne Hathaway thankfully didn’t have a devastating wardrobe malfunction at this weekend’s much-awaited 85th Annual Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, that didn’t keep her from making headlines for something else other than her well-deserved Best Supporting Actress award for the film adaptation for “Les Miserables.”

It started when she walked the red carpet of the Oscars in a pretty light pink Prada dress, and the actress didn’t seem to realize that she committed yet another wardrobe mishap by not wearing a bra or pads.

Just minutes after, a Twitter handle named @HathawayNipple came to existence, whose first tweet read:

“Anyone else feeling a little chilly? #Oscars”


Then again, who cares? After all, she won an Oscar.

Take that, critics!

Photo By PR phtoos

ANNE HATHAWAY On Her “Les Miserables” Boy Cut: “I Looked Like My Gay Brother!”

27 Nov

ANNE HATHAWAY spoke about what she thought of her boy cut for “Les Miserables” to star news, and said that she looked like her gay brother.

LMK 072559 1

The promotion for the highly-anticipated Christmas premiere of the Broadway musical film, “Les Miserables,” is in full motion and its lead actress, Anne Hathaway, still can’t get over her transformation for her role as the terminally ill prostitute, Fantine.

While going on an extreme weight loss diet was the hardest, the married actress admitted that her interesting pixie cut-which she intends to keep, by the way-was the most shocking of all

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she recalled to her audience during a screening of the film in New York last Friday that it made her realize that she resembled her older brother, Michael:

“When I eventually looked in the mirror I just thought I looked like my gay brother.”

We’re sure that’s a good thing!

What can you say about Anne‘s hilarious revelation?

Photo By PR Photos

“Les Misérables” Second Trailer Released (VIDEO)

11 Nov

A second trailer for “Les Mis rables” starring ANNE HATHAWAY, HUGH JACKMAN, RUSSELL CROWE and many other big stars has been released, according to the latest entertainment news.

anne hathaway les miserables trailer2

The highly anticipated film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, “Les Mis rables,” has only a few weeks to go until it premieres on Christmas Day and its digital promotion is in full swing.

Following its first trailer where lead star Anne Hathaway sings one of the musical’s main songs, a behind-the-scenes extended preview and character movie posters, another trailer has been released to tease us all.

The new preview shows Hathaway and the rest of her co-stars, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen singing as they try to get by during Paris’ oppressive 19th century.

Watch them all sing in the trailer below:

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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