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These Depositions In Ariel Winter’s Custody Case Are Quite Insightful

26 Feb

Depositions in Ariel Winter case

For nearly a year now we’ve seen the family feud between Ariel Winter and her family play out on a public stage.

And now that depositions have taken place it’s getting more and more sordid. From her dad describing the 15-year-old Modern Family star’s violent tendencies and her mom’s TMI account of allegedly catching her in bed with a guy to Ariel’s ex-boyfriend claiming her own mother dressed her in lingerie – they all have something to say. (That is, except Ariel, whose legal team is trying to block her deposition.)

So… just to refresh your memory, Ariel’s mom Chrisoula “Crystal” Workman apparently caught her then-14-year-old daughter in bed with her then 18-year-old ex boyfriend, actor Cameron Palatas. Since then, Ariel has alleged physical and emotional abuse against her mother who’s been under the temporary guardianship of her sister Shanelle Gray since Nov. 2012 and wants emancipation.

So here are some doozies from the depos:

This is what her mom had to say when asked if Ariel had seen her boyfriend’s… well, you know what: “I caught her in bed with Cameron, she told me she did the bow and blow and go.”

Yes, you read right, but just in case, that’s “bow and blow and go.”

And when asked if producers of the hit ABC show told her Ariel was dressing too sexy off screen, here’s her response: “Yes, and I agreed with them… I asked her constantly to please dress age appropriately.”

In Cameron’s depo taken Aug. 14 he does admit to sleeping in bed with Ariel at her house, but points the finger at Ariel’s mom: “Crystal had wanted me to sleep in Ariel’s bed.”

And what did Ariel wear to bed?: “Her mom would dress her up in lingerie,” he said.

Then there’s Ariel’s dad, Glenn Workman, who goes on to describe his “scrappy” daughter’s physical freak-outs.

“She was going through a stage where she was extremely physical, so she was doing some things that were out of character. She was beating on her mother while she was driving, getting out of the car, creating scenes,” he said.

“She was telling me to F off…,” Glenn added in his 2012 depo.

“She was beating on her mother. She wasn’t afraid of her mother… I have had to pull her off my wife.”

There’s more… Read all the sordid details for yourself in the CB! gallery above.

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