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Lollapalooza: A Primer

22 Aug

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For better or worse, a lot of bands feature famous musicians’ kids. Dhani Harrison (George’s son—yes, that George) has labored under his pedigree for much of his life. But his group’s sophomore effort, The Fear of Missing Out, due July 31, could make this Beatles scion a name in his own right. The richly layered and dynamically balanced album—part electronica, part psych rock—benefits from Harrison’s familiar-sounding voice and the cinematic soundscapes of its keyboardist-cum-composer, Jonathan Sadoff (Highland Park High, class of ’02).

It wasn’t so long ago that Sadoff (second from right) was going to Cubs games and eating bacon sandwiches at the Sarkis Cafe in Evanston. He moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California and wound up scoring soundtracks for movies (hear his work in Steve Carell’s Seeking a Friend for the End of the World ). A mutual friend introduced Sadoff and Harrison (center) over sushi and a game of Rock Band in 2009. At that time, Harrison had just released Thenewno2’s debut, You Are Here, and wanted a full band for a tour.

Harrison says he chose Sadoff because he can “wail on every instrument.” For Sadoff, it helped that the band members revered the same musicians: Portishead, Beck, P. J. Harvey. “Plus we’re all gear freaks,” he says. Let’s just hope technology is in their favor at Lollapalooza. “The last time we played, my computer crashed,” admits Sadoff. “If everything else is the same except for that, we’ll be good.” August 3 at 5:40 p.m.


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