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Beyoncé’s Life Is But a Dream: What to Serve at Your Viewing Party

10 May

The “Countdown” has begun!

Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, airs Saturday night (9 p.m. ET) – and we can’t think of a better time or occasion to throw a “Party.”

If you’re hosting friends, you’re going to need the following: dance moves, Kleenex and something to munch on (doing the “Uh-Oh,” after all, works up an appetite).

Though we can’t really help you with the first one and tissue is easy to come by, we do have suggestions on what to serve your guests on Beyoncé Night:

You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl, which is probably why Houston native is a fan of guacamole, a Tex-Mex staple. “I love avocado,” she has said. “It’s one of my healthy snack favorites.” USA Today has her super-easy recipe.

It’s no secret that Beyoncé sticks to lean protein like egg whites, turkey and Yellowtail sashimi and healthy snacks like edamame to keep her incredible figure, but we also know she likes to enjoy more indulgent meals. In her PEOPLE cover story as World’s Most Beautiful Woman, the superstar revealed her perfect Sunday – and it includes pizza, red wine and watching HBO. Perfect for your party!

When she’s on tour, her hospitality rider offers another option: juicy baked chicken legs, wings and breasts, heavily seasoned with fresh garlic, season salt, black and cayenne pepper. She also requests a turkey deli tray with assorted cheeses and veggies with low fat dip to snack on.

As for side dishes, why not make another favorite, her mom’s "life-changing" green beans. “It is the most tasty, delicious dish,” she says. “And it’s green beans, so you don’t feel too guilty about eating them. They taste like steak!”

And if you’re not into pizza or cooking on a Saturday night, there’s always her favorite fast food: Popeyes chicken and biscuits.

Take your pick when it comes to desserts. Beyonce told Cosmo she loves butter pecan ice cream. She’s also posted pictures of cake and other decadent sweets on her Tumblr blog, as well as healthy options like strawberries and watermelon.

Also featured in photos on her site? Booze. In addition to wine, Beyoncé, who was seen sipping champagne at a Grammys bash, apparently likes beer (at basketball games) and margaritas. What Texas girl wouldn’t?

Have fun eating, drinking and watching Life Is But a Dream!

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