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CHARLIE SHEEN Uses Homophobic Slur At His Own Mexican Bar Opening (VIDEO)

31 Dec

Star news reports that CHARLIE SHEEN used a homophobic slur at his own Mexican bar opening this weekend.

Oh, Charlie

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This weekend, Charlie Sheen hosted the opening party of his bar at the El Ganzo hotel in Cabo this weekend… and bombed it when he hurled homophobic slurs at his guests.

Everything went fine at the beginning when the fired “Two and a Half Men star introduced musical acts on stage and mingled with his guests, but things got a little awkward during his intro when he yelled at the crowd:

“How we doing? … Lying bunch of f**got a**holes, how we doing?”

The crowd continued to cheer but it was

When asked to explain, he apologized to TMZ, saying:

“I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one and I apologize if I offended anyone.”

He added:

“I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp.”


Do you believe him?

Photo By PR Photos

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