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CHRIS PRATT Undergoes Two Body Transformations For Latest Movie Roles (VIDEO)

21 Dec

In recent entertainment news, CHRIS PRATT talked about undergoing two body transformations-buffing up and then gaining a lot of weight-for his latest movie roles.

Check out the remarkable (and contrasting) results:

Anna Faris‘ husband and baby daddy, Chris Pratt, may be looking a little healthier nowadays, but just weeks before, the “Parks and Recreation” star underwent a pretty serious exercise program to achieve his desired figure for the role of a Seal Team Six member in “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Pratt told Conan O’Brien on his show this week:

“I don’t know if you can tell from the angle right now, but I’m kinda like a fat ass. I have a little extra belly going on.”

He then revealed about getting ripped for “Zero Dark Thirty,” which was evidenced in a sexy mirror photo that he took of himself and posted on his Twitter. He shared to Conan:

“I had about 5-6 months and I really busted my ass to get in shape.”

And then when that movie wrapped, he was required-seemingly as a reward for the hard work-to stuff himself and gain as much as 60 lbs for another movie.

He also showed his “after” photo. When put side-by-side with his shirtless pic where he looked muscular, he joked:

“Usually before and after pictures aren’t shown like that.”

Hopefully, he won’t have to starve himself next because that would be way more difficult!

Listen to him talk more about his body transformations with Conan below:

Photos Via Chris Pratt‘s Twitter

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