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Stephen Amell, ‘Arrow’ Cast and EPs Dish on Season 2 and Starling City’s Future

19 Oct

When we last left Starling City on The CW’s addictive freshman hit, Arrow, the Glades had been decimated by an earthquake and Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) best friend, Tommy Merlin (Colin Donnell) died in his arms.

It was a rough ending to a fantastic season and let’s just say, I’m still getting over it.

But finales and deaths like these happen for a reason, or so they say, and that’s to impact the characters left behind. And in Season 2 no one will feel that impact more than Oliver Queen. So when Amell sat down with Celebuzz and other reporters at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the upcoming season, he told us it’s almost like he’s playing a new character.

“The bottom line is that everything that happens with Oliver, not just this season but going forward is informed by Tommy’s death and what Tommy thought about Oliver when he died,” he said. “That fundamentally changes everything for him. He still cares about Starling City but if he’s going to fix it, he has to do it for different reasons.”

And with the Season 2 premiere titled “City of Heroes”, executive producer Greg Berlanti noted that “the city needs a different kind of hero now and he [Oliver] wants to be that guy.”

Turning the vigilante into a hero won’t come easy though.

David Ramsey, who plays Diggle, Oliver’s “second in command” persay, told us that his character’s familiarity with destruction has left him with “a clear sense of purpose for the mission to move forward.” That is, we should be expecting some wrangling of Oliver from Diggle and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) to get back in the game, over what Amell says will be “transcontinental distances.”

Fans can also expect some new DC characters on Season 2, as fellow executive producers, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kriesberg, spilled some casting news at the show’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday. True Blood alum Kevin Alejandro will be coming on board as Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood and Michael Jai White will be taking on the role of Suicide Squad member, Bronze Tiger. Looks like Oliver will have a fight on his hands.

And who could forget… Black Canary.

In regards to her appearance, Berlanti told us that while her storyline does begin this season, the ultimate and real Black Canary has yet to be revealed. He teased, “We do have somebody show up who has DNA in common with the character we know and love as the Black Canary but hopefully we get to evolve that and have fun with it.” (Watch her be badass in the EPIC Season 2 sizzle reel presented at Comic-Con above.)

Meanwhile, the impact of Tommy’s death on Laurel (Katie Cassidy) will be prominent, meaning that she’s not really in the right head space to rekindle any type of romantic relationship with Oliver. But don’t worry fans, Cassidy agrees “it’s pretty obvious who the love of her life is.”

One couple getting hot and heavy next season will be Thea (Willa Holland) and Roy (Colton Haynes). Meanwhile, Felicity will not only upgrade the lair while Oliver’s gone but she’ll become Felicity 2.0.

Haynes and Rickards, have amazing off-screen chemistry and even did a dance for reporters, both spoke about their character’s hopes and paths on the second season. While Roy will still be getting into trouble and “heading down a dark path,” Rickards is hoping she can “prove Felicity’s strength.”

As for the possibility of a Felicity/Oliver love connection, Rickards replied with a slightly vague answer: “I think it can happen. Of course, she has a huge crush on him but she also just wants to see him happy which I think is really important. So they have a really strong friendship and the base is there. “

What other tidbits did we learn about Season 2?

Oliver’s got himself a new bow. Diggle’s relationship with Carly will have a quick resolution. The island scenes in the second season premiere are some of Amell’s favorites. And John Barrowman‘s Malcolm Merlyn may not be dead?!?! After all, we did never see his body.

Arrow premieres Wednesday October 9, 2013 at 8 PM on The CW.

Watch the amazing sizzle reel from Comic-Con above.

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