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David Beckham Used A Butt Double In Hawt New H&M Commercial???

26 Feb

What?!?! NOOOO!!

David Beckham is a perfect specimen, why would he ever need a butt double???

Unfortunately, it looks like the rumor that Becks used a body double in his new H&M underwear ad is actually true.

The soccer stud did tweet that he did “most” of the stunts in the ad, however, if you notice in the second picture (above), David’s arm tats are mysteriously missing!

A rep for the clothing company explained why they would even dare use another model for his butt shots, saying:

“David was very involved in the advert including doing most of the stunts. Due to his tight schedule a body double was used in smaller parts of the video.”

Oh well, at least those bouncing balls were real! Ha!

Until we get to the bottom of this, check out Becks’ actual butt (below)!

[Image via H&M.]

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