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Dianna Agron Has No Interest In Your Fangirling, Taylor Swift

5 Feb

Taylor Swift Sarah Hyland Dianna-Agron

Dianna Agron is not impressed.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland caught some footage of her and buddy Taylor Swift singing their heads off at Wednesday night’s fun. concert. What happens when the camera pans to pal Dianna Agron? Well, D’s just not as into it as her enthusiastic friends are.

Watch as Dianna plays it cool amidst Tay and Sarah’s super fun. times sing-a-long. It’s quite the amusing moment:

Why so serious?

Dianna Agron Gets Nautically Naughty For Herself!

24 Jun

The best part about blogs is that you can put whatever the hell you want on them, including a just-for-funsies photoshoot!

That’s exactly what Dianna Agron was thinking when she took these for her You, Me & Charlie website.

The shoot was called A La Mode because, as Dianna describes it, “these nautical up-dos illustrate the French phrase ‘a la mode’, which means to be in fashion and also with a scoop on top!”

She also explained that the shoot was done both in her apartment and in Einstein‘s bathtub, which is located at a Pasadena bed and breakfast.

How creative!

We don’t even care that there wasn’t really a point to this shoot because we love everything about it!

Ch-ch-check out all of the pics (below)!

[Image via Dianna Agron.]

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