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The Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Issue 1 Review

30 Oct

Doctor Who Review 1

Eaglemoss is back with a new figurine collection. After the success of The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection they are now hitting us up with a whole series dedicated to Doctor Who. At the moment we can expect to find 80 classic and contemporary Doctors’/Allies/Companions and Villains found throughout the 50 years of the shows history.

Each figurine is detailed, scaled at 1:21 and made out of a hand-painted metallic resin. The magazine explains how the character has evolved and gets an inside look behind classic moments. Within is the moment the figurine is set upon, a look back at 50 years of Doctor Who starting from the very beginning and an in-depth profile of essential elements of the Doctor Who universe (or for the nerdy among us, Whoniverse).

Part one is in the form of the eleventh Doctor Matt Smith.

The Figurine

Doctor Who Figure1

The first figurine in this collection is based on Matt Smith’s take on The Doctor in the episode ‘The Pandorica Opens’. The stance is based on the scene where The Doctor is standing on the central monument in the middle of Stone Henge giving an award winning speech to many of his enemies orbiting above him.

First of all the detailing on the clothing is superb. His jacket, shirt, trousers, braces and of course his bow tie are perfectly represented. Particularly the buttons on his shirt and the buckles for the braces are so excellently executed, considering they are really a minute detail. The hair has the typical Matt Smith flop and although some of the flesh coloured paint has slightly overlapped into it, it’s still a great representation.

Unfortunately the face isn’t the best. Although you of course recognise the character right away, on close inspection the face doesn’t match up to Matt/The Doctor himself. Of course I understand that capturing the face on a figurine this size can’t be easy. And obviously with each figurine you may get a better or worse take on the character with each one being hand-painted.

All in all for the first edition of this collection, The Eleventh Doctor is a solid effort. I’d give this figurine 3.5/5

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