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Countdown to Emmys: A Quick Chat About Best Actress in a Comedy Series

1 May

For the next seven days, Celebuzz editors Andy Scott and Robert Kessler will be analyzing the contenders for this years Emmy nominations, announcing July 18 at 8:30AM. Today’s discussion: Best Actress in a Comedy Series, which features returning favorites, a plea for Mindy Kaling and fond memories of Reba McEntire.

Andy Scott: So, Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

Robert Kessler: I feel like there are a lot of potential nominees this year whose shows just finished their last seasons: Laura Dern, Tina Fey, Krysten Ritter, etc.

AS: Yes.

RK: I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big push to award one of them an Emmy, especially Laura Dern who wasn’t ever honored, but the show was beloved.

AS: Laura Dern was actually on my list of “Maybes.” But I don’t know. I was just looking at last year’s nominees and I feel like we might be in for a complete repeat. Or at least five-for-six.

RK: Well, the favorites will definitely be back – Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Melissa McCarthy.

AS: Yes. I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus is going to win again.

RK: I can’t say I’d be upset if she did.

AS: Are people still watching Mike and Molly? Is that still A Thing?

RK: I don’t really think so. The bizarre thing is that Melissa McCarthy is now this huge movie star with this random CBS show no one thinks about. But it seems foolish not to at least nominate her. Even if no one’s watching.

AS: Helen Hunt Syndrome, I guess. Let’s never mention Helen Hunt again.

RK: Please.

AS: Calista! Well, here were the nominees last year: Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Zooey Deschanel; Lena Dunham; Edie Falco; Tina Fey; Melissa McCarthy; and Amy Poehler. Zooey’s gotta be in again, right?

RK: Is it just me or did you feel like New Girl lost a bit of its punch this season? I just wasn’t ever as excited about it as I was in the first season.

AS: All I know is that they brought on Dermot Mulroney and I felt weird about it.

RK: Speaking of Fox Tuesday night layyyyyyyydies …

AS: Please say Mindy. Please.

RK: Mindy Kaling anyone?

AS: I wish I could pull a Sharon Stone and make Emmy voters vote for her.

RK: I know The Mindy Project has some issues – namely it keeps reminding us that the coworkers aren’t friends, but then they keep hanging out with each other – but Mindy Kaling is really charming and funny in it. And I think it would be a shame for her not to get at least nominated. Plus, there’s nothing not to love about a woman calling the shots on her own show. Emmy voters constantly rewarded Tina Fey for the same thing.

AS: True. Speaking of: Is there a chance voters could give Fey a Swan Song Emmy?

RK: I doubt it, honestly. It just feels like the show ended so long ago, no one’s even really talking about it. (Except us; we’re talking about it.)

AS: Yeah. I’m getting ahead of myself, anyway, plus I said before that Julia Louis-Dreyufs is winning. (She is.)

RK: Maybe if we just keep talking about it, it’ll happen. If you can dream it, you can do it, Andy.

AS: Well, I wanted to go back to Laura Dern for a second. I didn’t watch Enlightened but I know people really loved it. People still love Laura Dern, right? Or am I still living in 1991?

RK: No, it was very beloved. I think she totally has a shot at a nomination. A win, though? Absolutely not. Oh. Two others we haven’t mentioned: Lena Dunham and Portia de Rossi.

AS: Oh God. I forgot about Arrested Development. The only thing I watch on Netflix is Law and Order: SVU.

RK: I don’t know. It seems odd that she’s the one they decided to submit as the lead? Lindsay didn’t really do a whole lot in season 4.

AS: Do you think the show is going to make a dent, though? People weren’t all that in love with season 4.

RK: I don’t think she even gets the nomination.

AS: I doubt she cares. If I had to attend the Daytime Emmys every year with my wife, I wouldn’t be ready for primetime.

RK: Portia’s not even going to attend. She’ll just be snuggled up with Ellen in one of their castles, feeding their 7,000 dogs.

AS: Well, what about Lena, then?

RK: Girls just wasn’t as funny in its second season. But I would say it was maybe better.

AS: I think Lena will have a better shot at winning in the Writing category for that episode she wrote about having sex with Patrick Wilson. If only because we all wanted to write that episode.

RK: Yeah, that’s sort of my dream. Just getting paid a salary to write fanfic about a weekend sleepover with Patrick Wilson.

AS: I saw him in The Full Monty. He has a great voice.

RK: “He has a great (ahem) voice.”

AS: Exactly. If we worked for a different site, I would say the same thing but with different words.

RK: I do want to make a little plug for Krysten Ritter. I know she won’t even be nominated, but Don’t Trust the B was a daring little show that wasn’t afraid to be out there and it was consistently funny. It’s a shame ABC didn’t have the balls to promote it right, because it should have been a hit.

AS: I trust your judgment. I’m also looking now at the list of performers up for consideration. Mary-Louise Parker! Remember when Weeds existed?

RK: It’s sort of funny to think of a time when Weeds was something any of us took seriously.

AS: I watched three seasons, I think – or up until they started building tunnels to Mexico. Also, Reba McEntire submitted herself for Malibu Country, yet she didn’t include a photo. Serves her right.

RK: I once saw her perform at halftime during a Dallas Cowboys game. Changed my life.

AS: My mom and I got her autograph outside of Annie Get Your Gun. We didn’t even see that show. We just stole somebody’s Playbill and she signed it.

RK: Great. Good work. Everyone’s a winner here. Anyway, let’s get back down to business. This Emmy is basically Whitney Cummings’ to lose right?

AS: I think I was just stunned into silence. That’s how I react every time I see or hear Whitney Cummings’ name, though.

RK: Whitney Cummings’ name is always to be followed by a rimshot, but like the drummer misses the final note and then there’s a trumpet’s wah wah wahhhhhhh.

AS: I’m curling into a ball right now. You might as well have said Chelsea Handler.

RK: In conclusion: who are your 6 nominees and who wins?

AS: Thank you. Okay, let’s see. I’m gonna go with: Julia Louis-Dreyfus; Lena Dunham; Amy Poehler; Edie Falco; Tina Fey; and … Mindy Kaling? Can I do that? It’s not going to happen.

RK: I’ll take: Lena Dunham; Laura Dern; Tina Fey; Mindy Kaling; Julia Louis-Dreyfus; and Amy Poehler.

AS: Oh, we’re both predicting Mindy. It’s going to happen!

RK: Poehler finally gets her win. That’s my prediction. (Mostly it’s just my hope.)

AS: No way. At the end of every episode of Veep I always say, “Well, Julia’s got the Emmy now.” Plus, like I said, she’s going to win.

RK: Ugh, that show is so damn good though.

AS: She deserves it. I hope you are right about Edie Falco, by the way. I love Carmela, but Nurse Jackie is basically almost Weeds at this point. I think Weeds really affected me.

RK: Well Mary-Louise Parker’s next two movies are Red 2 and RIPD so I think she’s being punished.

AS: Okay, great.

RK: I think we can make that into something, no?

AS: Yes. We’re actually still talking. I’m going to leave this part in.

RK: Oh, okay. Very meta.

AS: This is turning into a show that doesn’t know when to end. LIKE WEEDS! Now we are done.


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Laura Dern, Enlightened
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Lena Dunham, Girls
Mindy Kaling, The Mindy Project
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