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Family Guy: 10 Greatest Cutaway Gags

23 Dec


Ever since being canned in 2003 and placed on a two-year hiatus, adult animation Family Guy has gone from strength to strength.

In the years that have followed, a comic book series has been spawned, along with a “trilogy” of spoof films and even a series of video games.

And, just last month, an incredible 12th series of Family Guy started, while there’s even a crossover featuring The Simpsons planned for next year.

Taking a step back from the silver screen, show creator Seth MacFarlane has also achieved a series of plaudits, such as hosting Saturday Night Live and even the Academy Awards, two of the biggest honours in showbiz.

In honour of MacFarlane, and the show that has helped him realise much of his successes, we’ve put together a list of the 10 Greatest Cutaway Gags from Family Guy.

*Note that cutaway gags are defined as a break from the action and not a continuation of it, meaning, as funny as they are, you won’t be seeing any chicken fights on this list.*

10. Popeye’s Tumours

Popeye the Sailor Man is an unusual character.

With his amorphously-shaped head, pudgy face, inability to speak even a single sentence of coherence, nautical attire and, of course, the ridiculously-huge arms that are pumped up by spinach, he isn’t what you’d call normal.

And indeed he isn’t, according to Doctor Hartman, who observes that the bulks in Popeye’s forearms are in fact tumours, the speech impediment and inflated face are the results of a stroke, and that he has two months to live.

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