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10 Supposedly Terrible Actors Who Proved They Can Really Act

5 Jul

In Bruges

Every common person sitting on their futon watching Netflix has at least one actor they watch make infinitely more money than they ever will that makes them go, “How the hell did they get famous?”

Some actors make terrible movie after terrible movie, to the point where you truly wonder why anyone ever hired them in the first place. But they all have one secret: They can actually act. Well, except Keanu.

More often than not, if an actor has made it to the top of the Hollywood Elite, it’s because they actually have a special acting card up their sleeve that they’ve just been keeping secret from all of us because the Transformers money kept rolling in. Except Keanu.

Sometimes an actor can go for decades without revealing this secret to anyone, but then they pop up in something that makes you question everything you’ve ever known about Keanu. Here are ten such people.

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Formula 1 2013 Belgian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel Springs Spa Surprise

22 Jun


Red Bull Run Rampant in the Forest

Sebastian Vettel converted Red Bull’s clear pace into a dominant display at the mighty Spa-Francorchamps circuit to further extend his lead at the head of the drivers championship.

After the challenge of Mercedes in qualifying, Vettel swept Hamilton aside on the first lap and pulled away as the rain held off to cruise to a second victory in Belgium, out of reach of the pole sitter or Alonso as he carved through the field in pursuit. The victory extended the lead at the head of both championships to maintain a stranglehold on the competition in an uncharacteristically dry, uneventful Belgian Grand Prix.

Into the Weekend

Following a summer break of four weeks, Formula 1 arrived at quite possibly everyone’s favourite circuit, Spa-Francorchamps. Following the tight and twisty Hungarian Grand Prix, the contrast couldn’t be much starker when presented with the long, high-speed, flowing nature of Belgium. An iconic circuit, it never fails to deliver an exciting race.

Following an excellent maiden win at the previous round, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes were seeking to build on their rapidly improving form to take their momentum into the second half of the season, whilst eliminating their reliability issues that saw Rosberg fail to finish shortly before the end of the race. Lotus wanted to stay back in the hunt after another podium for Raikkonen in Hungary, amid swirling rumours of him joining Red Bull or Ferrari again for the 2014 season, while Grosjean sought to match his teammate and put his overtaking-related penalties behind him. Red Bull were out-performed in the former Soviet state, but kept a healthy grasp on the constructors with a third and fourth, and intended to keep their nose in front at Spa.

Ferrari were again lagging in Hungary, and hoping that work in the weeks between races will yield results at the classic Spa circuit. After a strong Hungarian race, that saw McLaren put both cars in the points on a day when rivals Force India fell away with reliability issues, the British team were hoping to show well at Spa, where Jenson dominated last year. Force India were seeking to use their clean car and strong engine to get back into solid points to stretch their gap to McLaren after it was slashed to just two points. Torro Rosso showed some good pace in Hungary but were unable to get into the points on race day, so were seeking a return to the top ten at a track that should suit their car.

Maldonado gave Williams some good news as they turned over Sauber to take tenth place and a crucial point, showing some progress for the famous team. Bottas retired however, and this weekend Williams were aiming to be in touch for the points again. Sauber meanwhile were looking to be more competitive at a circuit that should demand less of the technical aspects their car lacks. After putting Marussia to the sword in Hungary, Caterham were intending to stay ahead of their back-row rivals and get in touch with the midfield ahead, while Marussia aimed to get back into the tough battles with Caterham they enjoyed at the start of the season.

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5 Best Movie Theaters In The U.S.

8 Jun


A great movie theater is more than nice seats, a big screen, and loud speakers; it’s an environment, an atmosphere that enhances your moviegoing experience without detracting from the film itself. Since the early 1900s film has been a mass medium seen by large groups of people in a shared space. But why do we see movies in theaters anymore? It’s commonplace to complain about seeing movies in theaters nowadays: tickets are overpriced, 3D is played out, annoying moviegoers text and talk during the movie, parents bring babies to R-rated movies and are shocked when they cry.

The variety of options for watching movies in the “comfort of your own home” or car, or plane, or anywhere you’d like seems to be infinite, yet we keep coming back. 1.47 billion tickets are expected to be sold in 2013, the highest number since 2004.

The vast majority of these tickets will be sold at chain multiplexes that either resemble shopping malls or are part of one. They all look the same, play the same kinds of movies, usher in crowds to their theaters like herds of sheep and escort them out the door when they’re done. This list is dedicated to movie theaters that make you excited to see a movie on the silver screen, theaters that provide customers with a unique experience, theaters that don’t just take your money but invite you in to experience the magic of movies together as an audience.

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5 Live Action TV Characters Who’d Make Great MCU Avengers

24 May


It’s fun to imagine, right? Right!

So, as impossible as it may be in reality, I’ve been thinking about live action characters from TV shows who would make great additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s team of Avengers.

Currently, the Avengers roster consists of the monstrous Hulk, the charismatic Iron Man, the demi-god Thor, the super-soldier Captain America, the seductive espionage expert Black Widow and Hawkeye, the man with the perfect aim.

This leaves room for a variety of new members with different skills and abilities, and the world of television is teaming with characters who have what it takes. If only it was possible!

With that in mind, here are five live action television characters who would make great Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if such a scenario was possible…

5. Illyria (Angel)


Having already harnessed the power of one demi-god in Thor, the Avengers could benefit further from the acquisition of another; Illyria.

She might be harder to tame, of course, but if SHIELD could offer her the opportunity to regain the powers she lost in Angel (perhaps by technologically augmenting her body to make it capable of hosting such immense power), then maybe she could be bargained with.

Illyria possesses incredible super-strength and durability, the ability to slow down time and the ability to travel between dimensions. She would be a huge asset to the Avengers and it would be awesome to see her fighting alongside the likes of Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.

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10 Biggest Movie and TV News This Week (Dec 21)

23 Feb

Paul Rudd Antman1

Compared to the last few weeks, which saw a plethora of release date announcements, casting news, and new projects starting production, this has been a bit of a slow week in terms of movie and TV news.

The week started off on a sad note when Peter O’Toole’s family announced on Sunday that the legendary actor had passed away at the age of 81. The rest of the week’s news was mostly behind-the-scenes or pre-development plans for new reboots, upcoming adaptations, and writing staff changes. At least, until the Twitterverse erupted in the backlash of the Duck Dynasty controversy, which overshadowed an exciting (but predictable) casting announcement from Marvel Studios.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this week’s news wrap-up! Here are the 10 biggest TV and movie news stories for the week of December 21, 2013…

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WWE: 11 Superstars Who Will Be Shafted Come WrestleMania 30 Returns

22 Feb


The WWE locker room has traditionally looked forward to Wrestlemania with enthusiastic anticipation. It’s the biggest paying day of the WWE year – if a talent has a spot on the Wrestlemania card then they stand to make a considerable bonus from the mega earning event.

In recent years however, the booking of Wrestlemania has been a source of huge frustration within the WWE locker room. The meritocracy of working hard all year to be rewarded with a big spot at Mania is no longer guaranteed. Increasingly it’s transpiring that wrestlers will bust their a** all year only to be left off the Mania card completely. The reason for this has been the recent trend to book part time talent in the key Mania spots. It’s a marketing strategy that has worked for Vince McMahon, his booking of the likes of Rock and Lesnar in prominent Mania spots has led big buy numbers the past few years.

You can’t really argue with the common sense in giving the audience what they want. It isn’t Vince’s fault that the part timers of Rock, Lesnar, Undertaker and Jericho are still more over than the majority of full timers. If the mainstay talent have a problem then they should perhaps work harder to get over you might argue. Nevertheless, talent grumbled significantly in the last two years when The Rock came in to take the biggest Mania pay cheque. The majority of talent seen it as a slap in the face, they were out working all year just to allow Rock to show up when he wanted to take a spot that could have been for one of their own. CM Punk made a point of this frustration when he showed up to a Wrestlemania 29 Press Conference wearing an Antonio Cesaro T-shirt, the talented grappler being a man whom Punk felt deserved to be featured on the card.

It could be an even sorer point this year. The rumoured returns list for Wrestlemania 30 is vast. Hogan, Undertaker, Lesnar and Batista seem to be a given. Triple H will probably wrestle, as could Shawn Michaels. We could also possibly see RVD, Jericho, Goldberg and Sting. As an outside bet Rock and Austin may possibly even put in an appearance.

With all these men possibly taking one of the big money earning spots on the Mania card, there are going to be some seriously p****d off full time talents. Here we examine the 11 superstars who are most likely to get shafted come Wrestlemania in favour of the returning part timers…

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World Cup 2014: 10 Biggest Stars Who Won’t Be There

26 Jan

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

Following the completion of the European play-offs last night, all but one of the 32 places at the 2014 World Cup have been taken, with both France and Portugal dramatically booking their places on Tuesday evening.

The likes of Karim Benzema, Samir Nasri, Patrice Evra, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani were left to sweat over their seats on the flight to Brazil, but all five will be at next summer’s tournament.

And, with Uruguay still to take on Jamaica in the final qualifier, and commanding a 5-0 lead after the first leg, one would suspect the likes of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani will be joining them.

Not that there weren’t any fatalities along the way, of course.

With the likes of Wales, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark and Serbia failing to make it out of the group stages, there will be some notable absentees in 2014.

And here, WhatCulture! takes a look at 10 stars who didn’t make it.

10. Anatoliy Tymoshchuk

Ukraine were unfortunate to be knocked out by France over two legs of their dramatic World Cup play-off last night.

After taking a deserved 2-0 lead to the Stade de France, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk’s side were beaten 3-0 after suffering a contentious red card and forced to play much of the second half with 10 men.

The former Bayern Munich man and Ukraine captain will consider himself unfortunate to miss out on next summer’s tournament having twice drawn with England in Group H, and comfortably beating a below-par France side one week prior before going out 3-2 on aggregate.

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10 Mind-Blowing QI Theories Stephen Fry Taught Us (Which Are Total Cr*p)

17 Jan

Stephen Fry

Since 2003, Stephen Fry and QI have been blinding us with science (and other assorted topics). It’s since become a BBC staple, garnering lots of fans in the states (including yours truly) and producing its own Swedish spinoff, Intresseklubben. But if you watch it for long enough and a funny thing happens: you start to notice that sometimes the elves get things wrong. It’s a truly traumatic realisation, like discovering the truth about Santa Claus all over again.

To their credit, the elves and other fact-checkers are very open about this. A short cruise through the official forum and website will make that much obvious. One of the episodes in the K series even touched on this by mentioning “fact decay” and admitting some of their facts have since been discovered to be wrong, or are no longer true and plus, we all remember the incident with Dara Briain and the triple point of water! In the spirit of the show, and out of my own burning curiosity, I’ve compiled a list of QI goof-ups.

Here are ten of them, ranging from the pedantic and nit-picky to the downright egregious…

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9 Biggest Killers In Space

16 Jan

Destruction In Space

Space… the final frontier… these are the voya… wait a second: that doesn’t sound entirely right.

Space… why it wants to kill us all… and how it plans on doing it? That’s more like it Neil Degrasse Tyson once held a seminar on Intelligent Design at the Salk Institute in 2006 where he illustrated, rather hilariously, how intelligent design is actually very unintelligent: point-in-fact, how it was probably better-named “Stupid Design.” What he tosses out in general, are a variety of ways that the universe is trying to kill all of us. Because in effect, it is.

When you consider that we are specks of dust, living on a speck of dust, among specks of dust, that are among (yet) larger specks of dust in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually somewhat baffling to think that we have been capable of surviving as long as we have in this cosmic shooting gallery. But of course, within our little speck of dust we’re (generally speaking) fairly safe. For now.

Click “next” to take a peek at 9 of the biggest killers in space, all of which will essentially (one day) kill us all (or those of us unlucky enough to still be around…)

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WWE: 10 Longest United States Championship Reigns Of The Modern Era

2 Jan

Dolph Ziggler

Dean Ambrose recently passed the 160-day mark for his reign as the WWE United States Champion, making his the tenth longest since the belt was revived in 2003.

With over a decade of title history now behind it in the WWE, we look back at ten superstars that have enjoyed a good run as US champ.

10. Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

The current holder burst onto the scene last year as part of The Shield. Partners Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns helped Ambrose go on a tear. They attacked big names like The Big Show, Kane, Randy Orton and Sheamus before becoming the bodyguards of power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, also known as The Authority.

Ambrose’s US title reign began when he defeated Kofi Kingston at Extreme Rules 2013. Since then it has been a case of keeping hold of the gold at all costs. Ambrose took a count out victory over Kane at Payback and then lost by disqualification to Rob Van Dam at Summerslam.

A pinfall victory over Dolph Ziggler followed at Night of Champions, but Ambrose then deliberately got himself counted out at Hell In A Cell against Big E Langston. With tension starting to creep into The Shield stable how much longer can remain US champ?

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