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10 Twitter Accounts Every Sports Journalist Must Follow

21 Jul

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 At 10 52 51

Sports Journalism is a precise art and there are ways in which you can make your own life easier when trying to focus your efforts into being the best possible sports journalist you can be. Each journalist will have their own little cheats and tips on how to get ahead of the game and make sure your articles are the best and most accurate that they can be. A helping hand, therefore, for doing this is making sure that you’re viewing the right accounts that will help you as much as possible on social networking sites- especially Twitter.

Focusing mainly on football journalists, I’ve quickly selected the 10 accounts that I’d most recommend you follow. Each account is helpful in its own way, either with news, views, or for humour. This is a personal view on which twitter accounts football journalists must follow and if you do have any suggestions of your own then please leave them in the comments and I’ll give them a look.

The 10 accounts I have chosen have millions of followers so someone else clearly agrees with me…

10. Sky Sports News – @SkySportsNews – 2,108,800 followers

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 At 10 39 04

The Sky Sports News account is definitely on the ball when it comes to reporting breaking news- including results and reports. I personally follow Sky Sports News because they are usually the best for breaking news stories.

Sky Sports also have their own dedicated accounts for various sports including @SkyFootball and @SkyCricket. This makes it easy to distinguish between what is necessary and what isn’t when using Sky as a source of information. The general news account however is probably better for both casual journalism and for your own personal use. Sky Sports News comes highly recommended.

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Arsenal Transfers: Could Lyon Striker Bafetimbi Gomis Be Late Option?

4 Jul

Bafetimbi Gomis1

We all knew that Arsenal desperately needed new signings to strengthen all areas, and Arsene Wenger has duly obliged, pursuing Mesut Ozil, Emiliano Viviano and Demba Ba.

But though Wenger has been successful in his pursuit of the first two, the last part of that hasty trinity doesn’t appear to be on his way to the Emirates, with Chelsea finally calling a halt to the Gunners’ attempt to sign the Senegalese striker on loan.

The whole thing leaves the manager at something of a loss – with only Olivier Giroud available as an out-and-out first team frontman, the cupboard looks bare for Arsenal and in desperate need of restocking.

But who should they pursue? For my money, they could do a lot worse than long-term Newcastle target Bafetimbi Gomis.

According to France Football’s Matt Spiro, Wenger is a long-term admirer of the bullish Lyon striker, but has never quite turned his thoughts into actions.

Well, there’s no time like the present, and faced with a real striking shortage, the manager might be forced to play his hand and snap up the French international.

And why not? Gomis is clearly an excellent performer – though never prolific, he always fetches his side 10-20 goals a season so in terms of sheer end-product, he would certainly be a worthwhile investment.

Yet he brings so much more than that – often labelled the ‘mini Drogba,’ the 28-year-old takes after his illustrious namesake in physicality as well as playing style, battering down defences and playing in teammates to score.

Frankly, this is what Arsenal need right now – as Bill Shankly once said, a football team is like a piano – you need eight men to carry it, and three men to play the thing. What Arsenal have at the moment are far too many players, and not enough lifters.

With this in mind, what Gomis would represent is a plan B for Arsenal that Giroud simply doesn’t, and his presence in the line-up would mean that the Gunners would very rarely be physically cowed.

So really, Wenger should crack upon his much-vaunted checkbook and give Lyon a call. After all, it’s not as if he isn’t for sale – the main stumbling block Lyon have experienced during this saga is that no club has stumped up enough in wages to seriously turn his head.

If Ivan Gazidis is correct, this won’t be a problem for Arsenal. So really Arsene, what are you waiting for?

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Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea: 5 Things We Learnt

20 Jun

copyright Andrew Orchard

copyright Andrew Orchard

Matches between title contenders fall into two categories, it seems – matches that have a profound, some say devastating effect on the title race, even two games in, or ones where not much happens, not much changes, and everyone lives to fight another day. The first match between title rivals this season fell very much into the latter category.

Still, there plenty of interest for football enthusiasts, starting right from the team selections (more on that later) to the substitutions and then into ‘Moyes time’, which rather appropriately enough considering the differing personalities of the incumbent and his predecessor, there was no real last gasp excitement.

Here are five things we learnt…

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Swansea vs Man Utd – 5 Areas Where The Game Will Be Won & Lost

6 Jun


The start of the 2013/2014 Premier League football season is almost upon us. In Saturday’s most mouth-watering fixture, Manchester United will begin the defence of their title at the Liberty Stadium against Swansea in the early evening kick-off.

After dominating the Premier League last season, United will go into the new campaign full of confidence anticipating further good performances. However, a poor pre season campaign for David Moyes’ team and the growing stature of rival clubs poses the opportunity for a hotly contested title campaign. It is therefore paramount that United get off to the best possible start on Saturday to instantly put pressure on their rivals.

They go into the game against Swansea as clear favourites, however the match will not be a walkover! There are numerous areas where the game will be won and lost and I’ve picked out what I think will be the 5 key battles taking place.

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Spurs Transfers: 5 Things Roberto Soldado Will Bring To The Club

24 May

Roberto Soldado

Having agreed a reported 26 million fee for the Spanish international striker, Tottenham Hotspur have all but completed the signing of Roberto Soldado from Valencia (subject to a medical and agent fees being agreed etc).

He’s the striker Spurs fans have been begging for since Dimitar Berbatov departed for Old Trafford in 2008 and will be the club’s record signing – a record they will have broken twice this summer, following the prior arrival of Brazilian international midfielder Paulinho to White Hart Lane for 17 million.

The signing represents something of a breaking of the mould for Spurs, who are renowned for buying players young and developing them in to stars – see Aaron Lennon, Luka Modric and Michael Carrick for details – whereas Soldado is the finished article. At 28, he should be in his prime.

On that note, here are five things Roberto Soldado will bring to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club…

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Arsenal Transfers: 5 Reasons Why Luis Suarez Is More Hassle Than He’s Worth

9 May

Luis Suarez

This month has seen unsettled Liverpool striker Luis Suarez subjected to two bids from Arsenal.

The first, which came on July 8, stood at 30 million and was swiftly rejected by the Merseyside club.

The second, which came in last night, saw the Gunners increase their bid by 10 million as they lodged a 40 million offer, which was also rejected.

However, today, the Uruguayan striker, who finished last season as the second-highest goalscorer in the Premier League, told his club that he wants talks with Arsenal.

The Londoners are desperate to sign Suarez having missed out on Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain to Napoli, and manager Arsene Wenger is determined to bring in at least one “big name” this summer to appease long-suffering Gooners.

The French manager is likely to have to up his bidding somewhat however, as Rodgers values his prized asset at 55 million, claiming he’s worth just as much as Edinson Cavani.

In actuality, Suarez is in fact a liability.

Arsenal would be mad to part with that amount for a player who has more baggage than an airport conveyor belt, and here, we take a look at 5 Reasons Why Luis Suarez Is More Hassle Than He’s Worth.

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10 Best Football Stadiums In The World

24 Apr

Wembley Stadium

As the world’s most popular sport, football has lead to the development of thousands of stadiums, and some that are very special indeed! With national stadiums such as Wembley holding around 100,000 people, the structures themselves are highly impressive.

However, as well as being huge, and therefore impressive feats of engineering, the worlds football stadiums hold many memories and are the places of dreams for footballers and fans alike. In this list I will look at what are, in my opinion, the 10 greatest football stadiums in the world.

10. The Azadi Stadium


Inaugurated in 1971, the Azadi Stadium is home to the Iran national football team as well as Esteghlal and Persepolis. With a capacity of over 80,000 and part of a much larger sporting complex, this stadium is surrounded by a river, swimming facilities, and football training pitches.

The whole site is highly impressive, and with the stadium at its centre, it is a striking example of Iran’s financial power and desire to compete in the world of sport. I feel it is worthy of a place in the top 10 as a sign of the Middle-East’s ever rising presence in the world of football.

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