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Bruce Willis in GQ Magazine March 2013

23 Apr

The March 2013 edition of GQ Magazine features a very honest interview with Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is 57 and has reached the height of his success, but he has never been given an Academy Award. He has been living a relatively healthy life of sobriety. However, the actor still enjoys a glass of wine whenever he eats a meal. Who can blame him?

bruce willis gq magazine

Bruce Willis discusses about how old he was when John F. Kennedy was shot and how this affected him. It was an event that shook the nation. Bruce Willis has been confounding audiences for years. He is an extremely talented actor and is very versatile. Not only does Bruce Willis play the bad-guy realistically, he also plays a great good-guy.

Bruce Willis can win any woman’s heart with his smile and he knows it. This interview leaves no stone unturned. Bruce Willis answers each question with honesty and warmth. It’s definitely worth buying the March 2013 GQ Magazine.

Rapper DMX Arrested Due To Driving Without A License

23 Apr

DMX is a well known rapper whose real name is Earl Simmons. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, he was charged with driving without a license in South Carolina. It’s not the first time he’s been arrested recently. DMX was supposed to be changing his ways as he declared last year that he had devoted his life to Jesus and become a Church leader.

dmx arrested

The 42 year old rapper, was arrested when police saw him driving out of Greer, Northwestern South Carolina, at about 1a. m, reported the Associated Press. He was taken to jail, for five hours, but claimed he could have paid the fine, there and then.

The rapper went before the judge at 6am on Wednesday morning (13Feb13) and was released after paying a fine. DMX is also known for The “Party Up (UP in Here)” hit and is used to being in and out of jail. However, last year he made a public declaration that he’d changed his ways and become a Church deacon.

Beauty and the Nerd

15 Feb

Taking a look at the current ads and infomercials, it does not take a brainer to figure it out; sex sells big!! And as Rafaeli locked lips with a nerd in the Go Daddy superbowl commercial this fact could not be any clearer.

In an attempt to demonstrate Godaddy’s convenient combination of sexy and smart, Godaddy might have just gone a bit too far. In the commercial, Rafaeli makes out with a nerdy tech guy in slow motion, as if the whole thing isn’t sickening enough. Apparently, it took 65 takes to get the kiss right, goes to show how unnatural and uncalled for the whole make out session was.

bar rafaeli kissed nerd

Although this “passionate” version will not be run on the Sunday’s game (Thank God), the attention and disgust expressed by majority of people should communicate to Godaddy that it is not always about sex.

Meanwhile, a hot blonde kissing a nerd remains the most trending topic in social networks, and as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I guess Godaddy got what they wanted in the end.

Nicki Minaj Is Blaming Wallmart For Low Sales Of Re-Up Album

28 Nov

Nicki Minaj blaming Walmart for low sales seems extreme; however, the young star is convinced that the American retailer refusing to stock her latest disc has had a massive impact. The latest album from this popular singer appears to be struggling, which may be caused by the lack of sales. The new album The Re-up, has been launched but is unavailable in one of the largest retailers in the US.

The LP, which is part of a special edition box set, alongside Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday, has not sold as predicted. Nicki had assumed that the album would fly off the shelves, but unfortunately, this was not the case. There have been many rumors surrounding the lack of sales; however, Nicki is adamant that the reason is due to the fact that Walmart and target are refusing to sell the album.

nicki minaj re-up album

Power 105.1 conducted an interview with the singer, and asked Nicki why she thought her album was not appealing to people. This was when the star confirmed that the stores had lost faith in her albums, following the lack of sales from the last re-releases. The larger stores do not want to take the chance, and attempt to sell her album.

In the past Target has been Nicki’s biggest retailer, which is why the decision is a shock as they have in fact sold the most albums. If Nicki is disappointed, she is not showing this to her fans and continues to promote her music. The singer is happy to do what she loves, and put her music out to the fans.

The headlines of Nicki Minaj blaming Walmart for low sales help to sell magazines, and papers, but there is no bad feeling between the singer and the stores. The timing for the new album may seem strange, but Nicki felt it was the best time to release Re-up.

Ashley Simpsons and Vincent Piazza’s rather Unconventional Split.

28 Nov

One and a half years down the line, Ashley Simpsons and Vincent Piazza have decided to call it quits. The couple did not have a typical Hollywood style break- up. Most break-ups in Hollywood are usually as dramatic as the movies produced there. However, for Ashley and Vincent, it was a rather simple and low key affair. This is rather unconventional for relationships involving Hollywood stars

Perhaps this would be attributed to the reason for their break up. According to the celebrity gossip magazine ‘US Weekly’ time constraints made the two opt to get back into the singles club. This probably comes as a shock to many since the two were spotted looking very happy together on the red carpet not so long ago.

Apparently, Piazza, who is an actor, has been a workaholic in the recent past and has not been able to create ample time to spend with Ashley and his step-son Bronx. He has gone on record in the past saying how he and Ashley value the simple things they do when they are together. Perhaps not being able to do the simple things together became too much to bear, hence the decision to split.

ashley simpson vincent piazza

Ashley has not been particularly lucky with love. Before her relationship with Vincent, she was married to Pete Wentz, the biological father of her son Bronx who is now four years old.

The two have maintained that the decision to go separate ways was mutual. They have also gone further to assert that there is no bad blood between them despite the break-up. This is definitely a unique break- up away from the norm. Most Hollywood break-ups are characterized by major scandals involving one, sometimes even both partners in the relationship.

Will the two get back together any time soon? Well, only time will tell.

Shocking John Bon Jovi Daughter Arrested Over Drug Overdose Allegations

22 Nov

John Bon Jovi daughter arrested headlines, have shocked the world, and called for a fresh investigation into drugs at universities. Stephanie R Bon Jovi who is 19 was arrested and charged with the possession of an illegal controlled substance. The famous teenager was also charged with the possession of marijuana; both offences are considered to be incredibly serious.

The arrest of Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter followed the suspected overdose of a female student from a heroin overdose, which was reported in an emergency call to the police. The suicide attempt occurred at Hamilton College, where Stephanie is a student. Kirkland police were called to the scene after an emergency call was placed just after 2am claiming that a student had overdosed and was unresponsive.

At the scene, there was a small quantity of heroin found, and student Ian Grant was arrested at the scene for criminal possession of an illegal substance. A warrant was later executed, allowing the Oneida County Drug Enforcement Task Force to conduct a full search of the dorm. There were other drugs and drug Paraphernalia discovered in the dorm, alongside quantities of heroin and marijuana.

stephanie bon jovi

During the search drugs were found in the possession of Stephanie, and she was arrested, however, released later that day to appear at Kirkland Court on another date. The John Bon Jovi daughter arrested headline was quick to be released, and many magazines and papers led with this story. However, both the family and the College have declined to make a statement.

Stephanie has now been released from hospital and is recovering at home. Hamilton College did agree that the charges that were being brought violated state law as well as college policy. The College is cooperating fully with the police investigation, however, the privacy of the students allows them not to discuss disciplinary or health issues.

Photo credit : Getty

OMG! “Kristen Stewart likes things in mouth”,she tells Conan

22 Nov

You did not read incorrectly, it is true and straight from Kristen Stewart own mouth. Conan was the recipient of this tantalizing interview with the star of the mega movie franchise “Twilight.” She appeared on the “Conan” show to discuss issues about the latest Twilight movie and had no qualms about getting into the raunchy stuff.

Yep, the interview was loaded with ear-popping, sarcastic sharp responses.
For those who do not know, the latest twilight movie has her acting out a shoomzy sex scene with her blood sucking vampire husband (This is probably enough reason to make half of you flock the cinema halls).

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the latest installment of the Twilight franchise.
Kristen was asked how excited she felt to finally have the opportunity to be a vampire and get down and frisky with her movie husband. Her stimulating response to this “in depth serious question?”

kristen stewart conan

“Bella finally gets to be on top! Geez, how long does it take?” (Yes, how long indeed?)

The intimate scenes are not R rated (for those made of weak stomach constitution) but they do feature up close shots of “Bella’s” face. Kristen admitted to Conan that it was nice to see her own reflection while making “schmexy faces.”

Dear sweet Kristen also dove into her father’s love of her newfound popularity. John Stewart works as a stage manager in the film industry and according to his daughter, is completely into his daughter’s fame.

She said, “Oh, he loves it. He’s a total fame whore,” and not many can dispute this fact especially when he was signing autographs at Twilight LA premiere.The interesting stuff in the interview was when she was asked about her smoking habit. This is what led to the “likes things in mouth” quote. As she said, “Sorry, I had to do it.”

Kristen Stewart’s love for “putting things in her mouth” made the whole interview thoroughly enjoyable.

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