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PS4 Announcement: The Detailed Summary

10 Jul


Since 2007, there has been little in the way of development in the console market. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 have, until now, remained more than adequate platforms for the highest quality games, from original creations such as Dishonored to great sequels like Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City. Promising upcoming games such as Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us show that there’s plenty of life left in them yet, but technology is now in a position to go one step further.

Following the release of the Wii U last Christmas and the announcement of Microsoft’s Xbox 720 console, Sony formally announced the release of their next console, the Playstation 4, at 11pm GMT last night, in a press conference broadcast on Ustream for the world to see. Following months of rumours, hoaxes and speculation, details were finally confirmed, and this article serves to bring you a summary of the key developments and announcements, without a giant enemy crab in sight.

The Basics


One of the first things that Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House cleared up was the name of the console. Given that Sony’s last release was eventually named the Vita, as opposed to the PSP2, there has been much speculation over whether Sony would use the Playstation 4 name for their new console or utilise a similar Latin suffix in the vein of Vita (which means ‘Life’). The Orbis (which means ‘Disk’ in the same language) was frequently suggested as a possible name, but ultimately the company have elected for the numerical option, which makes sense for marketing purposes, even if it is unoriginal.

In addition to this, a release date was announced – Christmas 2013, though it wasn’t stated if this would be a worldwide release or limited to Japan and/or North America. This shows that Sony has learned from the mistakes it made with the launch of the PS3, which was pre-empted by a whole year (including a Christmas period, the industry’s most lucrative time of year) by the Xbox 360.

Its a fairly ambitious release date, to be sure, but if Sony can succeed in shipping consoles before Christmas, it will have obvious benefits to both their profits and their market share.

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10 Worst Gaming Failures Of All Time

24 Apr

Gaming is a fickle business, one with the potential for enormous financial prosperity and also cataclysmic failure, as these 10 misguided and unfortunate gaming ventures prove.

Though at present the gaming market seems to be relatively stable – the so-called “big three” are all making money, and there seemingly aren’t any nascent competitors coming out of the woodwork – these immense gaming failures, easily the most ruinous in the history of the medium, prove that even some of the world’s biggest companies are not averse to a flop.

Even if most of these failures seem obvious in hindsight, there are a few which are genuinely unfortunate – the most pronounced of which is surely pictured above – given that they sought to innovate the gaming landscape but simply could not find a market. The rest, as you’ll see, quite rightly wound up on the pyre of gaming history, to forever be ridiculed for the inept design choices they opted for.

Here are the 10 worst gaming failures of all time…

10. Sega 32X

In theory, the Sega 32X was definitely something that appealed to gamers; it deviated from the model that you’d need a whole new console every time you wanted to play better looking games, and instead involved plugging a device into your Mega Drive that would increase its longevity by at least a few more years.

However, Sega, like most companies on this list, basically ended up shooting themselves in the foot by failing to go all in, due to the prior failure of the Mega-CD, and the preparation for the impending disc-based Sega Saturn, as well as the much-criticised Neptune, which was to be a more practical combo of the Mega Drive and the 32X (though never made it to stores).

The 32X was saddled with a limited library of sub-par games, and so quickly faded into obscurity as Sega tried to wage war against the PlayStation with their Sega Saturn, a war they decisively, even humiliatingly lost as history dictates. Unfortunately, that’s not the only embarrassment Sega have to their name…

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Dead Space 3: 5 Reasons It’s Awesome, 5 Reasons It Sucks

16 Feb

Those who read my impressions of the Dead Space 3 demo released a few weeks ago will know that I was not at all impressed with it, citing the underwhelming visuals and casual-ised approach to the game, which seemed to be easier and less scary, while opening up their content to a wider audience but at the same time alienating the core fanbase.

Though some of these issues persist in the final version of the game – crafting and co-op in particular are going to remain divisive – Dead Space 3 is, I almost hate to admit, a surprisingly enjoyable experience, a polished title that looks far cleaner than the underwhelming presentation we were subjected to in the demo.

Is it still part of a worrying trend? Absolutely. Will some aspects annoy the hardcore fans? Unquestionably. But is it a breezy blast, even if it’s not really scary anymore? Absolutely.

A definite mixed bag, here are 5 reasons Dead Space 3 is awesome, and 5 reasons it sucks…

5 Reasons It’s Awesome

5. The Setting

Though you won’t spend all of your time there, a large amount of Dead Space 3 is set on the ice planet Tau Volantis, which has been the focus of the game’s advertising campaign so far. Instantly, sci-fi fans will be reminded of John Carpenter’s classic The Thing, as they walk through the white expanses, blasting Necromorphs and looking for a safe haven.

It’s a bold move away from the confined corridors that typified the first two games, and though the open spaces do make a lot of the combat easier – you’ll have far more room to back away and line up shots – the ice setting does allow for some gleefully satisfying combat, particularly when you’re able to blast the Necrmorphs into millions of frozen shards.

Changing up the setting is a tantalizing idea, and one that, if the game is a hit, I hope they will implement again for the fourth game; what about a Dead Space game set in the jungle, for instance?

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