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5 Best Harlem Shake Videos

16 Apr


If you haven’t heard of this song by now, I’m sure you have seen one of the videos! The Brooklyn based Baauer released the future-crunk smash-hit in August of last year…and nobody knew anything about it. Until now.

The latest YouTube sensation has been the Harlem Shake, a simple craze, but one that cracks me up and has produced some amazing footage. For about twenty seconds, a lone masked individual will slowly move about, building up towards the anthemic “And do the Harlem Shake!”, following which, all hell will break loose with a myriad of others joining in, dancing and expressing themselves in a whole manner of ways.

The scope of comedic value is huge and as I have selected, all sorts of people are getting involved, be it military, families, or professional office workers.

So, without further ado, I give to you the Harlem Shake!

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